Bus rides and blue bags

So last night, I stayed up until 11pm ‘researching’ overnight bags on ebay.

My timetable says I’m in bed at 9.45pm so that I can read a bit before nodding off; this surfing session was very much ‘off-plan’, but I didn’t seem able to stop.

I saved about 20 cute-but-definitely-out-of-budget overnight bags to my watch list, then dragged myself off to bed.

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Letting it all out


“I cryin’, Nanny!” 

I remember my mum telling me the story of my niece when she was very small.

I’m not sure if she’d just been told off or if she’d bashed into something, but my mum thought it was sweetly sad the way Ella felt the need to point out the obvious, as if Nanny couldn’t already tell from the fat tears and streaming snot.

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