Why it’s okay to unfollow

I’m all over the place with social media – on facebook, off facebook; posting flurries of photos to Instagram and then nothing; following all the blogs and then only a handful – but I’m okay with that.

Because I’ve come to realise that this crazy-looking path is just me finding my way.

What feels like a good fit for me one day, might not sit right with me the next.

And that’s perfectly okay.

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Shopping-free Instagram tips

I heard a podcast the other day that described how many instagrammers – especially fashion influencers – spend an awful lot of money creating their feeds, because they don’t want to be photographed in the same outfit twice.

Apparently there’s been a huge rise in folks ordering items, getting the cute selfie, then returning the clothes straight away.

And while I’m not a fashion babe (in any way shape or form!) I have noticed that my posting has become more of a challenge since I stopped shopping and being on Design Teams.

Here are my tips for finding cute subjects without spending a bean…

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What I’ve learnt about social media

My journey towards finding social media contentment has been a twisty ride of one day pressing my foot firmly on the gas, then the next pulling up – exhausted and unhappy – in a lay-by.

I realise now that the problem wasn’t the route I was taking or the speed I was driving: I was simply travelling in the wrong vehicle.

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Why I miss social media

I’d go back to Instagram to check the date I last posted there, only our computer won’t let me. A wiser, more annoying me suggested blocking that site a long time ago and the current, less earnest me hasn’t yet worked out how to get round the software.

But I do know that I’ve been ‘social media sober’ for quite some time now.

Here’s why that stinks…

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