Not shopping: not happy


Here are the reasons I *so* want to shop right now:

1. I’m getting down to the really boring stuff in my box

Although I snip all my stickers from their sheets so I can’t just use all the good stuff in one go, I quickly worked out that if I rummage for long enough, I do hit Maggie Holmes-gold eventually.

But the gold is all gone, people. All gone.

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Scrapbooking: how I shop

I know what you’re thinking, “A post on how to shop? Well, duh! I don’t need any help with that.”

But last night, as I sat salivating over the goodies in my favourite online scrap shop and feeling a little bit rubbish about how much of the stuff was out of my budget, it occurred to me that maybe some of you guys scrapbook on budgets too.

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