Minimalism: all I own

“I’m sorry I’m so weird,” I apologised to a friend yesterday when I found myself unable to do something that anyone else wouldn’t think twice about.

She had the sweetest response that really warmed my heart:

“You’re not weird: you’re just you.”

And in the spirit of me being proudly me – embrace the weird! – here’s a blog post about my love of mimimalism and appreciation of the things that I own…

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Bus rides and blue bags

So last night, I stayed up until 11pm ‘researching’ overnight bags on ebay.

My timetable says I’m in bed at 9.45pm so that I can read a bit before nodding off; this surfing session was very much ‘off-plan’, but I didn’t seem able to stop.

I saved about 20 cute-but-definitely-out-of-budget overnight bags to my watch list, then dragged myself off to bed.

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