The Instagram queen (imho)

It’s common in the scrapbooking world for us girls to be inspired by each others’ pages, but how often do we think about what makes another creative’s instagram feed beautiful?

My favourite instagram feed ever belongs to my lovely young Stateside friend, Laura Rahel.

And she was kind enough to agree to answering all my questions – and I have plenty! – so we can have peek into the thought process behind such a stunning feed…

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My word for the year has been ‘enjoy’.

Not in a ‘do more, be more, get out there more,’ kind of a way, but more in the way a waiter might present you with a really delicious meal and say with a flourish,


In chewing over the question of how to best tuck into the delicious feast of life that God offers me daily, I’ve come to a few realisations around my creative life.

Here they are…

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