The Instagram queen (imho)

It’s common in the scrapbooking world for us girls to be inspired by each others’ pages, but how often do we think about what makes another creative’s instagram feed beautiful?

My favourite instagram feed ever belongs to my lovely young Stateside friend, Laura Rahel.

And she was kind enough to agree to answering all my questions – and I have plenty! – so we can have peek into the thought process behind such a stunning feed…

Laura’s feed appeals to me because it’s so utterly fresh.

I love the graphic black and white, the pops of colour, the youthful vitality and the sense that it all hangs together consistently as a whole without feeling in the least bit contrived or over-thought – even when you scroll way back!

I’ve honestly spent ages looking at her feed, trying toward out what it is she does that achieves this look – and trust me, as someone who approaches their own feed with a view to it looking artistic, I know this isn’t in the least bit easy!

I think what most appeals to me, is the thing that got me started on this whole scrapbooking thing in the first place: Smash books.

Her feed has a gorgeous ‘polaroids stuck to the inside of my locker door’-vibe that I just adore.

So guys, we need to know: all. the. secrets!

Let’s watch and learn from the video she was so kind to make for us. And if you spot me suddenly posing next to my garage door in a slogan sweatshirt, you’ll know exactly who I’m trying to emulate!

Insta-lifting: it may soon be a thing…