My word for the year has been ‘enjoy’.

Not in a ‘do more, be more, get out there more,’ kind of a way, but more in the way a waiter might present you with a really delicious meal and say with a flourish,


In chewing over the question of how to best tuck into the delicious feast of life that God offers me daily, I’ve come to a few realisations around my creative life.

Here they are…

Making to share

As much as I try not to care about numbers and likes, I need to be honest with myself and see that my creativity and sharing is still way too influenced by my social media platforms.

So it’s time to stop making according to what my followers haven’t seen from me for a while.

It’s time to stop grabbing the camera and a pretty dress each time I feel my feed is due a selfie and it’s time to stop only posting what I think my followers want to see.

I may still post once a day, but I want to be sharing because there happens to be something lovely to share and not because I feel I ought to find something lovely to photograph to keep things moving.

The difference is subtle, but for me, I think it’s an important one.

Working too hard

I’ve decided to call time on my youtube channel and sadly also on this blog.

Not because I haven’t enjoyed both platforms enormously, but because I realise I’m putting too much energy into things that I only ever want to stay passion projects.

I think when so many resources are going into the maintenance of our online worlds, we approach real life with a half empty cup and that’s a shame.

Passion projects only stays fun so long as they’re genuinely that – and not being driven from a place of fear of being forgotten or left behind.

Thank you, dear friends, for your company over here: some of my favourite scrappy friendships have started here and I’m so happy that we can keep things going over on Instagram.

Not playing enough

I think a huge part of the idea of enjoyment for me is resting – taking time to savour steaming mugs of coffee and good paperbacks and really switch off from time to time.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, when my world starts to turn too quickly and all I’m digesting is how well everyone else seems to be doing (or how badly the world in general seems to be doing, gah) I put myself at risk of feeling low.

So it may be time for me to scale things back a little further and revel in the small, everyday blessings that are right in front of me, practising gratitude for messy family life, gardening, good food and a hot shower at the end of the day.

Oh, and the Property Brothers.

There will always be room in my life for twin eye-candy.

14 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. Lor

    I do “enjoy” reading your musings here! I had the word enjoy a few years ago and it was a great word. Even though I’ll miss your posts, I am glad you follow your own directions!

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  2. Ha ha, brilliant Lor!

    Thank you ever so much for these kind words. It’s often a case for me of sensing that a little direction change is required and then just getting on and doing that.

    I think this time, it’s to slow the content creation right down and just share anything I fancy, when I fancy sharing it. More of a mind-set adjustment for me, for sure xxx

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  3. Martha Strickland

    I do so enjoy you and your videos and posts, but I understand what you are saying, dear Suse. i don’t have a YouTube channel, a Facebook site or even a blog, but I have been noticing how much time I spend on IG trying to get a post or comment just right. I think it is very wise to think about these things and how they affect us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making me think. It is important that we have a proper balance and enjoy the beautiful life God has given us. God bless you!

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  4. Oh Suse, I’ve totally enjoyed reading your thoughts and ogling your photos here on your blog! But I totally get it! My various online outlets tend to go real quiet when I lose that genuine passion (like now). I’ve stopped trying long ago to post because I have to post something to stay current? relevant? or whatever I felt I should because everyone else does. Usually never works out for me in the long run and I don’t particularly like the feeling that I need to post something, when I really don’t have much to post at all. It’s also so much healthier to just take a break, refill the well, and come back to the social media sharing when I actually have things to share. Sometimes we need to stop doing something long enough to rekindle that magic of starting it in the first place. Passion projects shouldn’t feel like work or time wasters. We should be genuinely enjoying the process no matter what anyone else thinks, says, or expects. So definitely go enjoy your time away from it all! We’ll definitely be here if and when the time is right for your return. 😊 💕

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  5. Ah, thanks so much for this lovely comment, Tiffany… you’re so kind.

    I don’t think I’ve lost the passion to post or create content, but I am definitely finding myself with less energy available for real life (because of all my creating and sharing) and I think that’s where my focus needs to be right now. 🙂

    Thanks for always being such a good friend to me – I appreciate you! xxx

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