Random scrap thoughts

Every now and then, I have a few random scrap thoughts swimming around my head that don’t really merit a whole blog post each, so I just sling them all into one post.

This is one of those.

One: what happens to our Insta-feeds when we start to get properly crinkly?

I’ve noticed that I’m getting further and further away from the camera for selfies.

Although I don’t use filters, my foundation is certainly going on thicker and I’m staying oh-so-close to the flattering wrinkle-bleaching glare of the windows.

As one of the first generations to be so into selfies, are we about to hit a major crisis of confidence when our faces start to sag and crease?

Are our feeds set to become saturated with bunny-filter wearing selfies?

Two: do we in the online community really mean it when we say ‘you do you?’

It’s bandied about so often and yet we still catch so many traces of judgment out there about the ‘right’ way to do things.

There is no right way: we each follow our own paths and yours will look different from mine and that’s more than okay.

Three: I wouldn’t be a ‘celebrity’ scrapbooker for love nor money

It just looks so tough out there and we must only glimpse the very top of what is almost certainly an *enormous* iceberg of pressure, work, criticism and trolling.

Four: as much as podcasts are my thing to listen to, I won’t be guesting on one anytime soon

I’m not a talker, the introvert in me hates attention, plus there’s the whole “I pull my layouts apart” thing (which I totally still do) which I get is a little hard to understand.

I’m too fragile for even the most constructive criticism and… well, other than a love of scrapbooking, I’m just not promoting anything.

Five: healthy social media use might be like the layers of a cupcake

I’ve been proud of myself recently for finding a good balance in my life. When real life – community, family, getting outside – forms the sponge of the cake, you can afford to add the icing of social media as a happy sweetener here and there in your day.

It’s when social media threatens to become the sponge cake and real life becomes the icing that I get in a pickle.

6 thoughts on “Random scrap thoughts

  1. Hi Suze, interesting questions, especially the one about selfies. As a woman in her seventies, with rosacea, I rarely take a selfie and the older I get it will be never. You might be interested in a book I’m listening to at the moment, ‘Unfollow Me’ by Charlotte Duckworth. The theme is about the effect online popularity has on the lives of those close to and those who follow a YouTube personality. When the main character Violet’s entire social media presence is deleted overnight, with no explanation, her fans become obsessed with finding the truth. I’m finding it gripping, you might too. Elizabeth x

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  2. Woah Elizabeth, that book does sound fascinating! I’m definitely going to look into that one – sounds right up my alley!

    Thanks so much for commenting. I’m not certain that instagram – and following several lovely young things! – is helping me all that much as my eye lids start to crease and fold and my face does the (very normal!) things it should do at my age. But I know there are older ladies out there working the IG thing, so perhaps I’ll decide to join their ranks – who knows? đŸ˜‰

    I’ve just been recommended a foundation called ‘It cosmetics CC cream’ for my rosacea – it’s not cheap, but I tracked down a sample on eBay and it’s very good for full coverage. Soolantra cream on prescription always helps mine too, if that’s helpful – do ignore if not. Thanks again, Elizabeth xxx


  3. Although no camera can ever capture it, when I see a close up of you, Suse, I see joy and fun and Jesus in your smile. Let’s just keep being real and supporting each other to grow older with grace and our best health… not bowing to external pressures to remain “forever young” in this life. My husband says we’ve earned every grey hair and wrinkle we’ve got and should not be worried by them. They are the medals of honor for overcomers!

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  4. So many good points lady! đŸ™‚

    First off IT Cosmetics are ah-mazing and I swear by them! If you’re careful they can last for yonks too!

    Second, I love you’re honesty and these collective thought posts are always so insightful. I know you can’t take a compliment (it’s a Brit thang :-)) but I really don’t think you have to worry about moving further away from the camera – you’re gorgeous, inside and out so never stop with the selfies!

    Thirdly, when I say ‘you do you’ I mean it. I think you’re marvellous and I love your creativity. If i get stuck in a craft rut, the first place I visit is your Instagram feed. The whites and bright colours get me in the mood to create and I know that I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try half the things I have scrap-wise if I hadn’t been inspired by you first.

    So please, never stop doing you, because you. are. brilliant.


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