Emotional scrapping

I find it curious to look at my making patterns and see how they fit with the life that’s going on behind the scenes.

Even the number of layers and flashes of hot colour give clues as to the state of my mental health at the time.

I’ve always scrapbooked as therapy, creating to work things through and get them off my chest.

But just recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been scrapping to get through emotionally tricky moments.

Nothing major: just small everyday discomforts and situations beyond my control, where leaving it all with God feels a little harder.

I think it’s when there’s a lot of pent-up feelings behind the page that I really go to town on the details.

Things get tighter and more intricate, because on the inside, I’m like a coiled up spring.

And when I’m not making to get through a challenging moment? I seem to be making to decompress from one!

Sometimes sitting down at my table and getting absorbed in the arrangement of my materials is the only way to quiet the monkey brain that insists on chewing over every little thing that’s just happened.

But today? Well, today it’s the weekend.

Everyone is here: no one is off travelling or swimming in the deep end, attending events or having sleepovers and I can just exhale and enjoy a trip into town with my little brood.

I might even scrapbook a little something later, but one thing I can guarantee: the resulting page will be a whole lot simpler and calmer than some of my projects of late.