On the right track

I had a dream last night that I’m pretty sure I need to pay attention to.

We were viewing an incredible loft apartment – enormous white living area, pink tiles in the bathroom, giant windows letting in loads of light – when the building started to move under our feet.

We were thrown to the ground as the thing continued to shake around us.

The beautiful building that I had thought so perfect clearly wasn’t all it appeared to be.

It’s important to continually check that we’re headed in the right direction; a turn of just a few degrees can send us to places we hadn’t intended to travel.

We need to make sure that the things we’re craving are the things that bring life.

That the work we’re doing is bringing joy, demonstrating freedom and giving glory to our creator God.

We had an afternoon out at the fair yesterday.

It was unexpectedly lovely to sit on a bench in the seafront gardens and drink tea, whilst listening to the delighted (slash horrified) shrieks of kids as they enjoyed the rides.

It felt like a mini-holiday, just being outside and taking a break from my ‘to do’ list.

We couldn’t help noticing one particular guy on the scariest ride.

He appeared to be having the time of his life, waving his arms and legs around and whooping with delight as the ride flung him out over the waves.

His response was one of unfettered joy and delight and it was compelling to watch.

I was reminded of this Bible verse:

“You make known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

(Psalm 16:11)

Because there is a path that lead to life: a narrower way that is filled with joy, peace and just so much goodness.

I need to remind myself which direction I should be pointing in.

Because it’s not about appearances or stuff or having it all together.

It’s about remembering that my heart’s desire is found in the One who won me when I was just ten years old and continues to hound me, gently turning my shoulders to keep me walking in His direction.

10 thoughts on “On the right track

  1. Lesley

    Thanks Suse, your words really spoke to me. I liken ‘ joy ‘ to be medicine. The Lord He can soothe and calm us just when we need it! He can lift us up high, higher than we ever dare go in our own strength. I love your story of the guy on the ride and his full enjoyment of it. Blessings xx

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  2. Lovely post, Suse. Especially the last paragraph. I struggle a bit with ´happiness´. I don’t think that’s what the Bible is actually talking about – joy is something different, and at times it eludes me. Trying to find joy and peace in reading the word and ‘faithscrapping’ as you call it. Thanks, Marlisa

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  3. Oh, thank you so much, Marlisa. Yes, I agree, I think the joy that God gives may not feel like happiness, but is a deeper sense of all being well ultimately, even if things are tough.

    Praying that you find as you seek xxx

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  4. Laura Rahel Crosby

    love this post ❤ especially this bit- "We need to make sure that the things we’re craving are the things that bring life." Exactly what I was struggling with on that fb thread where I talked about wanting new planner/sticker books but it not serving my greater priority in life right now, which is to use my financial resources in a responsible and faith-guided way

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  5. Yes! Exactly. God really spoke directly into a longing in my heart that I was close to acting on with this dream – I woke up just knowing that I needed to check the direction my heart was pointing in (if that makes sense!) I’ve since felt a lot more peaceful and ‘back on track’ 🙂 xxx


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