Mini life reset

It’s nothing major and incredibly simple, but every now and then I like to take a peek at my days and just tweak things ever so slightly to make sure they’re still aligning to my plans.

Here are the areas I consider in my mini life resets…

Am I leaving the house at least once a day?

Sounds crazy, but there are days when I could happily hole-up indoors all day and not see the sunlight.

But getting outside does my mental health no end of good, so I need to make sure I’m prioritising getting out there in one way or another.

Am I making (largely) wholesome food choices?

I don’t do going hungry and I love to snack, so I make sure we have plenty of wholesome (but definitely not fat-free or low calorie) choices in the house.

My current favourite snack is oat cakes with cream cheese and blueberries: sweet enough to feel like a treat, but filling enough to satisfy.

Am I filling my world with positivity?

If I start reading a book that plays on my mind, I’m quick to dump it. In the same way, I keep an eye on the effect any TV, podcasts and social media feeds have on my mood.

I sometimes need to ‘up’ my TV consumption to make sure I’m getting in enough relaxation time and regularly need to re-visit what a healthy amount of social media time looks like for me (I’m best when it’s only once or twice a day).

Are my shopping habits in a good place?

I tend to swing between over-buying and under-buying and need to keep an eye on things to check that I’m in a healthy place when it comes to spending.

That can just as easily involve giving myself permission to buy myself flowers, as it can stepping away from the Hey Little Magpie website, depending on where my self-esteem is at.

Am I talking nicely to myself?

This one is well worth keeping an eye on for me: I can slip so easily into negative and critical self-talk and it serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

It helps me to think of the younger me and consider how gently and fondly I would talk to her.

Is my weekly routine still balanced?

I actually use a timetable of sorts to ensure that my week contains a good mix of sociability/alone time and housework/creativity.

But that plan can get thrown off on occasion, and I need to check that I don’t find myself deciding that because I’ve missed my restorative day out one week, I’ll skip it from now on.

Am I getting to bed at a decent time?

It’s so easy for me to slip into going to bed later – especially as my girl gets older and stays up later herself – but I don’t do so well when I’m over-tired and need a good stretch each night to avoid being over-emotional and grumpy the next day.

And I think everyone thanks me for that!

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