The beauty of a comfort zone

Try and find even one positive quote about comfort zones and you’ll struggle.

Because apparently, that place we feel comfortable and rested is a place to escape as quickly as we possibly can, or our lives will never amount to anything worthwhile.

I’m not quite sure I agree.

I suspect that sometimes, the reason something feels a good fit for us is because it’s part of the plan for our lives.

When things become a struggle and start to feel overly stressful, it might be a sign that they’re not meant for us – or at least, not right now.

There’s a beauty in slowing down enough to appreciate the everyday blessings all around us.

Life doesn’t need to be a constant firework show of good news and exciting moments to be of quiet, beautiful value.

Just showing up, gently bringing our authentic offering to those around us is of enormous value.

Sure, there are seasons in life for growth and testing and challenge, but there are also seasons for just enjoying our everyday right now.

For looking around us with eyes that accept the imperfection, mess and loose ends, and yet are grateful for all we are so lucky to get to be a part of.

There’s a beauty in resting in our comfort zones: it can be a gift to just breathe and shelve all the pushing and challenging and aiming higher.

Sometimes all that’s required of us is be exactly where we are – and discover the peace that’s already there.

4 thoughts on “The beauty of a comfort zone

  1. JulieAnn

    Oh this is so true! Resting, being content these are the most wonderful spaces to be in. A recent conversation made me think about why rushing, having and doing more is seen to be signs of success and achievement and failure for those not participating? Life has seasons I know and I’m very grateful to be at a time where I can slow down.

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  2. Oh, thanks so much for this comment, JulieAnn!

    I do feel there is a real pressure to be more, do more, push yourself and have more… I’m not sure where it comes from, but it just leaves me feeling never good enough and plain tired out! 😉

    I really appreciate your commenting xx


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more!! I dread whenever Monday rolls around and everyone in the office asks the question ‘so what did you do this weekend’? My answer seems to always be the same ‘bit of tidying, bit of crafting, time with my husband etc’ and they almost look at me with pity like, urgh, she’s not doing much. But I enjoy every second of my weekend regardless of what I’m doing so I don’t need the Pity Party, I’m quite happy with my lot! Ha!

    There does seem to be a fear of comfort zones, you’ve hit the nail on the head with that! I wonder if it’s part of the social media thing for making people feel like they need to be running around doing things to be seen as enjoying themselves, regardless of whether they’re knackered or not actually having all that much fun?

    I think as long as people are happy doing what they’re doing, then it’s all good, I don’t feel the pressure to conform… maybe its a treat of getting older, I’m all about that sloth life 😉


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  4. Yes!! Maybe it’s an introvert thing? We spend a fair bit of energy just being, so we don’t need any extra pressure to do it better, lol.

    “Sloth life” – so need to tell Kitty that one xx

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