Staying creatively free

“Mum, you know your dream will never come true, don’t you?” my 11 year-old daughter prophesied, somewhat darkly for someone so cute.

I couldn’t help laughing.

She possibly had a point, but for me, the chances of them coming true are never the point of having dreams.

I dream of one day owning a camper van and actually living in it.

Having a little dog (ignore the feline in the above picture – sorry, Mitz) and just enough stuff to get by on, living out on the road, carefree and happy.

As Kitty said, it’ll probably never happen, but I still really enjoy the dream.

I follow a lass on youtube who’s everything shy old me would love to be: sassy, fearless and – the word just fits – kickass. She lives in her gorgeous camper, surfing, travelling, basically going where the wind takes her.

Until now, apparently.

Today’s video dropped the bomb that she was selling her van to do something new.

“With this van, ” she explains, “I feel like, ‘been there, done that.’ I was in this van by myself, then all of a sudden, I became like the poster child for solo female vanlife.

And then you started looking up to me. My followers starting growing rapidly… and now? I feel like I’m held hostage to vanlife.

Like I’m backed into a corner. Like this has become my identity and I have to continue this and I don’t really know if I want to stay stuck.”

Isn’t it so important to stay free? To move where the winds of life blow us (sorry, rather Disney-poetic) and make what is in us next to make.

It’s well worth considering as creatives: are we making what bring us alive or are we regurgitating the old projects that have always gone down well? It’s a temptation, for sure.

Are we free to experiment and play and just have fun, or do we feel confined by expectations and the fear of messing up?

Are we posting pictures that seem like our next right fun thing to post or are we stuck in a hamster wheel of posting what we know others like?

I may never live out my vanlife dream. The closest I can get to it right now is Kitty’s Sylvanian Families plastic camper in mint green.

But my mind – and my creativity – are free to roam and dream and play. And for me, that’s of enormous value.

2 thoughts on “Staying creatively free

  1. I don’t know if I agree, Suse. I’m older than you and my dream is coming true now! A BEAUTIFUL house in the mountains. I’ve wanted to live here since the early 80s!
    I think there’s still plenty of time and you just never know what curve ball God has planned for you!

    I’ve been so busy lately. I haven’t had time to play in a week, which is very unusual for me. I’m a week behind on PL currently and my goal is to use all our colors this time. Wish me luck. I’d love if it turns out like your page!❤

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