It’s not easy using green

It’s okay everyone: we can relax again now. I’ve replaced the green strip with something far more gentle.

See? This is why I’m rubbish on Design Teams: I genuinely only like about three colours.

Here’s the original page.

I thought the lime was a clever touch… a zingy contrast to the pinks of the flowers. But you should never try to be clever in scrapbooking, I should know that by now.

Because here’s the problem: there’s not even a *hint* of lime green in those Felicity Jane flower clusters… rookie mistake, Ms. Fish.

It’s okay though: the green has turned a pretty seaside blue and I can breathe again.

Though now I’m not sure about that solitary pop of green on the tag on the right and the page is still ever so green on my Instagram feed… gah, I may need professional help.