Called by name

Just to clarify – for anyone in our island’s Starbucks this morning at about 11am – my name isn’t actually, “Zues”.

As much as I enjoy the idea of sharing the name of the Greek God responsible for thunder and lightening, the truth is that I can barely control an umbrella.

I’ve struggled over the years with low self-esteem; I’m not sure why.

I’ve been told repeatedly, “You should have so much more confidence in your abilities!”

And while that’s a lovely thing to say, putting it into practice has been like deciding to use coloured cardstock instead of white: I just don’t seem quite able to get there.

But I do enjoy hearing my name called out in Starbucks. I love it especially when Shouty Goth Girl is doing her shift and she hollers menacingly,


It reminds me that there’s a God who’s called me by name.

A God who has my name written on His palm.

The God who made me just as I am and loves every last coffee-sipping drop of me.

6 thoughts on “Called by name

  1. This particular quote about being called by our name by God always got me, even when I thought I had become an atheist – maybe when He was calling my name so I would come back.
    I have a feeling this name He is calling us by is our very true name, not our earthly name, however lovely and meaningful that may be. I think when we join Him in the next life, his hello will be our real name, the one that says everything about who we trully are, who He created us to be, the deep, deep being that lives in our human she’ll.

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  2. And because He is our Father, our names are spelled correctly (I come from a family of oddly spelled names), pronounced properly (so happy when someone gets mine right!) And… said with unconditional love ❤. Thanks, Suse. Really needed this today.

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  3. Ah, I’m glad! I must admit that I type your name wrong pretty much any time I try! It’s such a pretty name, but not one that’s common over here.

    But yes: He knows us, inside and out and adores and accepts every single bit! xxx

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  4. Ooh, I *love* that, Abigail! There’s something in me that resonated with that thought as I read your words… I wonder.

    I was once given a ‘word’ in a church setting and it really struck me as it got to the heart of what I think God sees – it just rang true.

    At the time, I was living pretty quietly and carefully (introvertedly!), but this word was that I am “God’s party girl” – and I thought, “Yes! He sees the true me: the one who longs to dance with joy for all He has done for me, the one who longs to throw off English reserve and really party with Him.”

    It was lovely and the goodness of feeling known like that has stuck with me. xxx

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  5. I think you’re right, God gave names to people in the Bible that meant something, I think each one of us will have a name that somehow captures the essence of who we are in his eyes.

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