Sugar sugar

I think most people start with a story that they want to tell or perhaps a nice photo that they want to scrapbook.

I start with an elusive feeling that I’m desperate to capture on paper… and at the moment, I’m all about the mouthwatering: sugary hues and jelly-pop brights.

I’m aware when I start making a project, that I won’t use half of what I’ve pulled out for my ‘possibles’ pile.

I think part of the knack of getting that fresh ‘colour pop’ look, is leaving plenty of white space for the colours to shine from.

I’m loving translucence at the moment too: overlapping colours and textures just look so pretty.

Shades get softened or brightened, like sweets in their waxy wrappers.

I’ve never been one for the rainbow trend, but my colour palette is getting dangerously close to it in some projects, thanks to the addition of that zingy lime green.

But isn’t it mouthwatering? Reminds me of sherbet lime sweeties, bought from the newsagent in a white paper bag.

All this full-on pretty just seems to be my natural thing.

Each time I make a layout, I genuinely try to keep things light and minimal – think Marcy Penner – as that’s the look I most enjoy in others’ projects.

But I guess our style is just what comes naturally and mine seems to be sugar and spice.

Well, not so much spice, actually: just plenty of sugar!

6 thoughts on “Sugar sugar

  1. Delicious. I think there are rainbows and rainbows, and sweetie hundreds and thousands are a world away from the kitsch or the bold colours that seem to be the trend. Your palette offers a very different inspiration!

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  2. Ah, thanks dear friend! This is a first for me though, adding a *green* to my colour palette that’s not a bright bluish jade 😉 I even used a Kelly green the other day… what is the world coming to? Ha ha xx

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  3. Be like all the great Masters and name your creative “periods”… this one can be Sherbet Lime 😉. The next might be Suse Blue or Kitty Pink! I think you are having fun and expressing joy for the coming summer season!

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