Knowing your Insta-plan

When it comes to social media, it can be tempting to find yourself posting what the majority of your followers seem to like the most.

But that might not always be the best route if your aim is to flourish as an individual.

Here are some things I’ve become aware of as I’ve paddled back into the Insta-waters…

It can become all about new stuff if you’re not careful

Cute things get likes and I’m constantly reminding myself that while I love to share any new treats I may be lucky enough to get, I also want to be ‘promoting’ a simpler lifestyle – one that’s as much about second-hand as it is new goodies.

There’s no reason to limit real life stuff

I’ve found myself naturally ‘demoting’ some of my pics to my Instagram stories, but only because I’m trying to keep a lid on my tendencies to over-gram.

If numbers fall off because I’m sharing one too many pictures of my cats, then so be it, as far as I’m concerned (what’s the expression? Love me, love my cat? Ha!)

For scrappy followers, invest hours on projects

Which is my number one reason for deciding not to give a jot about follower numbers!

If keeping and growing my following is dependant on me slaving away for hours on highly-laboured, ‘fancy’ projects that bring me little creative joy (and are even less about experimentation) then I’m well and truly out.

I’m not being snarky here, I promise; anything highly worked is just not my thing and that’s more about me placing a high value on time and life balance, than any feelings about style.

I guess so long as creativity isn’t my job, I’m just not prepared to work very hard at it!

This thing has to stay about the creativity and joy for me, not what anyone else may want to see me make.

I’m not about to drop the white, light thing

There’s a lot of “nobody’s life really looks like that!”-chat about Instagram feeds that are highly edited, and while I agree that some pics you see can be edited beyond reality, I don’t think mine ever are.

Sure, I brighten each picture to within an inch of it’s life, but that’s just how I think things look their prettiest.

Tricks like covering second-hand couches in white throws, using white backdrops and choosing neutrals every time we need anything from Ikea, are no-brainer decisions to me and not in the least bit fancy.

How about you? Do you have intentional plans for your Instagram feed?

8 thoughts on “Knowing your Insta-plan

  1. I love your photo editing, it makes them worth looking at. I don’t have an IG ‘presence’ – I really only joined to get the filters. Now you can get them anywhere, I keep my account private so I know who I’m sharing with and just add anything that takes my fancy. I would find it so wearing to have to curate my life to suit IG fashion fads – just not a good use of my time. But I do love seeing feeds from my friends……

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  2. Thanks so much for this comment! Yes, I think it’s a whole lot easier to just photograph what’s there in our lives, striking us as pretty at any given moment.

    The temptation for me, I’m aware, is to over-think: to worry about just showing up and being me and start thinking about how my images will be received. I guess it’s a trap for all of us and sadly I’m never quite relaxed until a good number of ‘likes’ roll in… :/


  3. I love looking at your Instagram feed, it’s always so colourful and fun and I think you perfectly balance the scrap/real life stuff 🙂

    I think that anyone looking for more than pretty pictures and inspiration on Instagram, probably needs to have a bit of an internal ponder on why/what they are after… and that is me being a tiny bit snarky as I have little time for the ‘hole-pokers’ of the world.

    I enjoy taking the photos for my feed and have fun with my little crafty projects. Every now and then I’ll get a hare-brained scheme to create something bonkers, that’s when I’ll take a bit more time over it e.g. fussy-cutting like a loon or delicately outlining with a craft knife, but those weird and wonderful projects are for me, to see if I can replicate the thing in my head, if they get likes, ace… if they don’t, I still had fun and I guess that’s the way to view it all?


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  4. Ah, now I love *your* feed! It’s so vibrant and young… something I just can’t fake these days, lol. (I’m probably too old to say ‘lol’ but there we are. Or maybe it’s only us oldies who say that anymore, I don’t know) xxx

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  5. Haha, don’t be silly, you’re as young as you feel! I happen to think that you don’t need to fake anything, your Instagram is absolutely gorgeous and so are you, so nur! 🙂

    I figure ‘lol’ is still happening, but I’m by no means an authority on anything that’s considered ‘current’, I listen to ELO and Robert Palmer while I’m crafting for crying out loud! Hahaha


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  6. Katie Squires

    My insta account is private because I share so many pics of my girls, like a ton ! lol 🙂 I use insta as a place to document our life, share my love of taking photos. It’s also the place that I like to share my body peace, body confidence, fitness loving journey. I share a lot of personal stuff. So it’s a small audience and I like that. Because of that I really do get to post what I please and I like that. I love using the stories feature and saving it as a highlight for each of our camping trip and trips. I love to go back through them and get a feel or vibe for that trip. I love Insta, for those memory keeping and artsy fartsy reasons just like I love scrapbooking.

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  7. Wow, love the thought-out way you use Instagram, Katie – definitely a huge part of your memory keeping, but the sounds of it!

    There are benefits to keeping things private for sure. xxx


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