Week in the Life flip-thru

Hey friends! Just a quickie to let you know that I’ve filmed a chatty flip-thru video of my Week in the Life project.

Find it right here… (and be sure to leave me any questions at all!)

4 thoughts on “Week in the Life flip-thru

  1. Marg Kelly

    Hi Suse

    Just finished watching your video and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My “thing” is more knitting, crocheting and cooking/baking and like you the whole home thing and your wise words in your blogs help me to realise that it’s okay to take time out for oneself and just enjoy “being” without feeling guilty.

    I too love that azalea bush in St John’s. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful?

    Love Margaret x

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  2. Ah, thank you *o* much dear Marg! Yes, it’s gorgeous! It was brilliant the way at least three people could identify exactly where it was within minutes of seeing it! I do so love this place xxx


  3. Ah I finally got a moment to sit down and catch up with your WITL! I absolutely love how it turned out! I really love all the interactive bits you included in this project. I agree, it’s lovely to be able to pull things out of pockets and open up envelopes to hidden journaling and more fun bits! Thanks for taking us with you on this collaborative journey this past week! Your book is stunning and so inspiring! xxx

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  4. Ah, thanks Tiffany! I’m always aiming for the look of one of those amazing mini-albums you see on youtube by the Crate Paper girls, but never quite manage it… I always end up going for crazy/scruffy instead and I think that’s actually a lot more me! 😉

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