(God in the) Week in the Life: Sat

So today, my thoughts and questions for God, were centred around my daughter.

She’s our one and only.

We struggled a bit to make her and we’re so grateful that she did come into our lives, as we’d reached a point where we’d (pretty much) made our peace with the prospect of a child-free future.

A little bit more back-story – just to explain my ‘helicopter parent’ type tendencies! – Kitty was labelled ‘failure to thrive’ as a baby, due to an undiagnosed milk allergy.

I came close to having – or perhaps had, I’m not sure – a break down. The stress of seeing my baby’s weight slide down and down in spite of anything I did, was an awful lot to bear.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that I’ve lost my mum – the most painful thing I’ve ever been through, as she was my best friend and almost part of who I was.

So, fast-forward to right now, where – well, I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to my girl’s well-being.

This morning our neighbour invited us in to see the kittens his cat had recently given birth to.

You don’t perhaps get a sense of the scale in these photos, but these little ones were about the size of my hand: dinks-ville!

The kittens’ mum was quite naturally keeping an eye on them, but our neighbour remarked that she seemed to be getting happier with her little ones being handled.

The Rev. remarked later that perhaps it was because she was learning that the majority of humans adore kittens and wouldn’t wish them harm in a million years.

I’m not sure if you ever make your peace with events that have been traumatic for you or if you just hurt a little less each time you dare to peel back the elastoplast to check on the wound.

I guess I’m trusting that God has worked and continues to work His healing in my life.

But our morning with the cats did get me thinking about the nature of parenting: that showing parental concern is okay, but that my little kitten will probably always return to me okay too.

7 thoughts on “(God in the) Week in the Life: Sat

  1. Gosh, huge things to think about. I remember the first time my eldest walked home from school by himself, it was the longest half hour of my life!! Entrusting the kids to God has been one of my hardest battles, I feel such fear sometimes and where we live is not as safe as where you are, but probably safer than I imagine it to be! I’m relieved that my kids seem to feel less fear than me! I just have to keep committing them to God, day by day, minute by minute and trusting Him to look after them.

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  2. … and there’s God speaking to me again through you! I am in *exactly* the same place and feel God whispering exactly the same thing: “Trust me, minute by minute. That’s all that’s required, child.” Bless you – so very much! xxx


  3. Nelya

    Yes, it’s so hard not to worry “too much” when it comes to our kids… but sometimes I need to remind myself: God loves them even more than we do! ❤️ And personally in my life, He has proven His faithfulness to me time and time again. He’s definitely trustworthy.

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