(God in the) Week in the Life: Fri

So: the second half of my Week in the Life and how I’ve sensed God ‘collaborating’ (love that idea!) with me.

We’ll kick off the first of two ‘weekend’ posts with my thoughts from Friday…


Q. How do I manage the exhaustion that results from my extreme introversion when it comes to social occasions?

Friday is my morning for volunteering at the thrift shop. I really enjoy it as there’s always loads of sorting out to do, but it’s always a fairly hefty challenge for me too, as it’s a busy little shop and I’m rarely sharing a shift with the same volunteer.

I suspect I’m as close to being highly introverted as you can get; I can only really cope with one ‘people-y’ occasion each day, before I’m exhausted and overwhelmed.

I’ve always been kind of annoyed at myself for this; I spend a lot of time looking at other people and wishing I was more like them.

Well, today I think God whispered that it was time for me to accept me, just the way I am.

Home from the thrift shop, I found myself humming the Trolls song, “I Will Get Back up Again,” completely out the blue. It prompted me to look up the YouTube video (one of my favourites, for sure).

As I watched Princess Poppy valiantly fight through obstacle after obstacle, determined to keep her spirits high, I was reminded of how I battle a lot of the time, almost against myself.

I often push myself to do too many sociable things in one day, because I want to please someone else or fulfil my own expectations of myself.

I very often don’t allow myself time to recover fully from more extrovert times and find myself getting run down and poorly, because I’m not willing to admit how much energy ‘everyday’ things are costing me.

I ride a rollercoaster of ‘Let’s do this!”-highs and “Need. To. Hide”-dips, winding up wrapped in a huge messy tangle, all the while pretending that I’m coping just us as well as everyone else.

“I’m cooler than a pack of peppermints!”

Only not so much.

I felt prompted to reassess how I think about my essential ‘recovery’ self-care: to give myself credit for all I do accomplish – including showing up online, which I think can take more courage and mental energy than we may assume – even if it might cost me more than someone more naturally outgoing.

And I felt comforted by the thought that even if, “It’s more than I can take,” “I will get back up again.”

Because my Creator is the God who made me this way, loves me for it and promises to always, “restore my soul.”

2 thoughts on “(God in the) Week in the Life: Fri

  1. I couldn’t agree more this with this! I find being on the extreme end of introversion a challenge as well. I have to mentally prepare myself for social events and often get turned off by spur of the moment plans because I haven’t quite prepared myself! My best guy friend is the complete opposite of me and I often envy the fact that he’s so easily outgoing. (He’s also an ENFP, which is like a match-made-in-heaven for us INFJs, so I can never feel too envious of him for long). But I too find that I can’t do too much all in one go, or else I end up feeling like I’m hungover for days. It just takes me awhile to recharge as well. Like I often tell people that I don’t understand how they can only get 5/6 hours of sleep per day…cause I need at least 10 hours to feel optimal. Esp. after being around people. Anything less and I’m useless lol. I’d need a full day of just lounging and reading a good book. And as I get older, I’ve definitely come to accept that this is just how I’ve been made. I gotta know my limits because it’s so rough feeling drained.

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  2. Gosh Tiffany, I could have written this comment myself! Well, maybe not the bit about the ENFP friend, but the rest… totally me.

    I’ve always needed loads of sleep – even as a child and I can see that Kitty’s the same.

    It is like a hangover… that’s a great way to describe it! And I’ve only just recently worked out that other people don’t see the effects on me, so it’s up to me to look after myself and set limits in place.

    I think the trouble comes when extrovert friends and family assume that they’re being kind by hanging out with you loads. Of course, it ought to be a lovely thing, but isn’t always, unless there are limits in place. The tricky bit is having that conversation! Gah…

    Thanks for commenting, sweet babe xx


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