Week in the Life intro

Hi gang! Thought you might be interested to read my opening blurb for my 2019 Week in the Life book, which explains how I’m approaching the project this year.

Here it is…

“I’m hoping to use this project in a fairly unconventional way.

I’ve had some issues floating around recently that have felt unresolved – my purpose and calling, my feelings around itinerancy and home, for example – and I wondered if this week might be a good opportunity to think things through and ask God to speak into my questions as I do this project.

I’m excited about taking photos of my week: I enjoy photography an awful lot and although I felt I ought to reign in my Instagram obsession a little, I’m looking forward to having a bit more space in which to take pretty snaps and share them.

I’m not going to be doing the project as I have in past years.

Before, I’ve very much taken Ali’s approach of getting everyday snaps and really just trying to capture how our everyday lives look.

And while that’s really valuable, for this little book, I’m going to take photos as I would normally for Instagram, which means staging shots where I want to, editing and cropping them to within an inch of their lives (!) and really making each image as pretty as possible.

I think it’s just the way I like to create and the way I like to approach photography too.

I’ll be looking at a different theme each day and trying to spot moments where the theme becomes relevant.

For example, on the day I’m thinking about my calling and purpose, I’ll be looking at my day through that lens: which moments and activities point me towards a better understanding of my role and purpose right now?

I’m hoping that I can invite God into the project too and listen out for any Heavenly input.

You never know, right?”

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  1. I think our amazing creative God will be delighted to participate in your project! He can speak through anything so why not your art/craft/photos/imagination? Enjoy the collaboration 😘

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