As if no one is watching

I’ve always loved that photo of the old ladies messing about on the beach in their vintage swimsuits that has the caption,

“Dance as if no one is watching.”

I’ve tried to make that idea my life motto of sorts. The dancing bit, not so much the vintage swimsuit-wearing.

Creatively, it helps if we look straight ahead at the next right thing for us to make.

It’s when we look around us at what everyone else is doing and what seems to be acceptable, that we risk losing both our nerve and joy.

But spiritually too, it’s a good plan to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and run only for Him.

Our reading at Bible Study this morning was the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples on the beach as they were fishing.

Most of the guys stayed in the boat and sailed carefully back to shore, but Peter jumped into the water, so delighted was he to see his newly resurrected friend.

For the last few months, I’ve felt a recurring pull to be back doing Design Team work. I’ve come close to messaging one a few times… it’s fun to be part of something bigger (and all the free treats are nice too!)

But each time, God has coughed and reminded me that the plan for me right now is to keep swimming for Him and Him alone.

That my message is one of simplicity and not stuff, however cute.

That the only ‘product’ I’m called to promote right now is the life in all its fullness that only He can bring.

It can be tempting to suggest to God what His next step for us might be or to think we know better than Him what will bring us the most joy.

But there are always plans for us and how it must delight our Father to see us throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the water and splash towards Him, not giving two hoots about what anyone else may think.

“I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”
(Psalm 119:32)

3 thoughts on “As if no one is watching

  1. I’m so glad you’re taking the time to listen to what God is saying, it’s so easy just to plough on. I’m in a listening exercise of my own, an opportunity has come up that seems to be an answer to prayer but I want to be sure I’m doing it for the right reasons. Stay strong and I’m sure you’ll know that peace of being in the right place. 😘

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  2. You are speaking my language, for sure… it’s got to be God or there’s no point, right?

    I often find myself thinking I somehow need to be on a team or have some sort of similar ‘bolstering’ in order to feel like what I’m doing is important, but God’s ways are often the very opposite of that, aren’t they? ‘Humble yourself and *I* will lift you up’.

    For me, being on a team right now would be a ‘staying the boat’ move, when I can clearly sense God asking me to stay free so that I can swim exactly where He calls with no thought for fish or my fellow fishermen. Getting a little carried away with my metaphor now, but I do hope you sense clearly what’s your next right thing, lovely friend.

    Follow the life… follow your heart xxx


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