Super simple scrapbooking

Not quite up to creating a 12×12 layout? Don’t worry: inspiration escapes us all from time to time.

Here are a few ideas for how to get your scrap on in a really effortless way…

One notebook; one photo; one paper embellishment and a stamp: but doesn’t it look cute?

Or how about popping a few stickers into your Bible or journal?

Add a pretty tab and a paperclip and your page will look really cute.

Pop a photo onto a favourite paper on one side of your traveller’s notebook, then add a sweet journalling card on the other.

A couple more stickers, then job done.

Pockets are a favourite trick of mine when I’m not sure what to do.

You can pop ephemera in them…

… create them from your photo…

… or just tuck pretty things into them.

Decorating your planner can be really fun, especially if you include some small photos too.

Popping pretty bits into a 6×8 pocket page is a lot of fun and just involves trimming things down to the right size.

Coffee cup albums don’t need to be complicated…

… and layering up a couple of bits to decorate the cover of a notebook can be really satisfying.

What’s your favourite small, intimidation-free format? And why are 12×12’s so scary? Lol

21 thoughts on “Super simple scrapbooking

  1. When I get stuck for inspiration, I create tags and embellish them or splash around with paints and create 12×12 backgrounds. I don’t worry about color or shapes…just see where it goes… the worst that can happen is that I don’t want to use it so then I punch out embellishments or turn them into tags. Thanks for the post-Suse!

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  2. Ah I’ve been in such a scrappy hiatus lately. When I want to get crafty, I reach for my art journal or junk journal because they seem less pressure…which is so weird, but whatever XD I enjoy just intuitively ripping and sticking and splashing on paint. Like I don’t expect it to look good at all, which I think is why I haven’t really scrapbooked in a while…I expect that to look great. 😂 I love how you’ve started working in your Heidi planner! xxx

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  3. I’ve been loving your beautiful art journal pages… they’re every bit as brilliant as full sized layouts, just a different form.

    I wonder if taking that pressure off can have unexpectedly lovely results? I suspect that we creatives need a bit of freedom and fresh air blowing around us – albeit just mentally! – to create something original and meaningful.

    Working intuitively is definitely the way to go: Wilna taught me that right back at the beginning… get splashy and see where it goes – you’re certainly getting stunning results 🙂 xx


  4. Oh yes, what great ideas! I love those. The backgrounds one is especially practical, as I so often feel the urge to make a layout, then find myself waiting hours for the background to dry 😉

    Tags… ah, now you’re speaking my love language! Lol xxx

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  5. I love 12×12 and am much more intimidated by smaller pages – it’s that glorious empty space just waiting to be played with. I do love my art journal though, that is my (almost) daily go-to, but mainly just to splash paint and vent/reflect on something from the day.

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  6. Oh, that is so interesting! Isn’t it funny how one person can see a big white space as a lovely thing and another, as something scary?

    Perhaps it depends on how positive and ‘can do!’ a person is feeling?

    I think as someone who shares their work, I do feel a pressure to make my 12x12s somehow special in a way that I don’t with smaller projects. For me to put a very simple layout out there, takes a little bravery… as much as you know you shouldn’t think this way, no one wants people to think you’ve lost it or you suck 😉

    I’m very glad though that the layouts I think folks expect from me tend to be fairly easy for me to make.

    I wouldn’t want to be a scrapbooker whose layouts are dependent on hours of hand stitching or the intricate backing of cut files… as much as I think those pages are A****, that way of working just wouldn’t feel fun for very long – for me, of course.


  7. We’re all so different! I agree that putting a simple layout it there can be scary, bit that I put much out there really, I’m not a name like you so you face much more pressure of expectation and perhaps conformity to a style.
    I love jumping between styles add the mood takes me. I love hand stitching sometimes but only occasionally, the same with mixed media, I don’t feel obliged to use it!
    I often wonder how constrained the designers are in building new collections or whether they just have very strong likes and identities, for example does PTE only like bright colours?
    I aspire to those perfectly judged simple layouts but lack the ability to create them in the main, I have a couple…😂
    I’m going to take your lesson to great and try some simplicity.

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  8. Ooh, I love jumping between styles too – it’s a huge part of the fun, isn’t it? Which reminds me, I must tap out a post at some point about scrapbookers I’ve loved and lifted (!) who don’t seem to be around anymore.

    I think – absolutely not certain, mind you – that there are teams of designer/illustrators behind the product lines, so I’m not sure if the actual named scrapbooker gets a lot of say in the resulting line. That said, I’ve got the impression that Shimelle very much collaborates and has strong ideas for her collections, so maybe the others do too.

    Felicity Jane’s Jeana very kindly gave me a complete free reign when it came to guest designing a kit for her… I was like a child in playground! It was a huge honour.

    I suspect that Paige adores bright colours generally: her craft room and IG feed are packed with rainbow goodness.

    For me, I’m not sure I could work with products that weren’t ‘me’… a reason I’ve said no to a couple of companies, because there aren’t actually all that many who create purely in sweetshop shades & black and white! I guess I know what I like and it’d be pointless for me to fib and rave about products that everyone can see aren’t remotely me.

    So happy you’re inspired to have a go at simplicity! I do find it more restful as a process, as you can really take your time with each decision. xxx


  9. Oh wow! Which FJ kit did you design? I love those kits, can’t afford them sadly!
    How lovely to be asked even if you said no. I know what you mean about fake raving, I knew someone who presented on QVC for a while!
    I’ll send you a photo of I ever get something simple on paper!

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  10. “Fake raving” – I love that! I’m not sure I’d be very good at anything fake really… my hubby always says my top characteristic is transparency (which I take as a compliment!)

    I designed the Happy Day kit – all cornflower blues, corals and hot pink… very me! Click on my Pinterest link and the kit is one of the collections there. I’m still very proud of it! 🙂


  11. Susanna

    Firstly, everything you make is absolutely delicious looking. Secondly, I love 12×12 and I think that having my supplies easily lay out and grouped into ‘kits’ that are ready to use, along with the fact that my ‘stash’ is tiny by the industry standard means I’m always feeling crafty. I have scrapped for 16 years and I scrap the most now despite having ‘far less time.’ Organising my supplies exactly how I need them has really made all scrapping seem simpler for me. 🙂

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  12. I love reading your blog…each time it comes into my inbox I cannot resist clicking and reading what your thoughts are for the day. Your work is gorgeous, but I love how you are super honest and “you”. You certainly inspire me : )

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  13. Ah, thanks Alicia! That was the nicest thing to read ever 🙂

    I must admit that I kind of have to pretend that no one’s reading the thing at all, otherwise I’d clam up, introvert that I am 😉


  14. I have to agree with Alits1, I love a 12×12 and see it as a wonderful blank canvas, but then again I started scrapping on 12x12s so I think it’s more of my comfort zone? Also when I paint with oils, I paint biiiiiiig abstract nutso stuff so it makes sense to me that way. The smaller stuff is hard, I’m plodding through project life at the moment and I do find it tougher, especially when the photos I chose don’t play ball with my colour scheme! Haha

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  15. Oh, this is so interesting! I clearly need you girls to write me a post about why 12x12s are easy and how us scaredy cats can be more courageous, lol xx ps are these abstracts on your IG? They sound awesome!


  16. Haha, I see a black paint titled “Go big or go home” 12×12 in your future 😉 For someone who’s scared of 12x12s you sure make it look effortless lady!

    Now I get to be the scaredy cat! My paintings aren’t on any social stuff, I do them for friends houses and my own. They’re a bit more personal and there’s nowhere to hide, its big abstract blended colours, sort of Rothko-ey! I was big into abstract expressionism! Haha

    Maybe one day I’ll pop one up on my blog or something, or send you a cheeky link! Haha

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  17. Oh, I hope you do! I’d love to see them.

    It’s funny what we choose to put online, isn’t it? I’ve been toying all week with the idea of doing Week in the Life, but I know already how stressed I’ll get at trying to make each photo fit my IG colour scheme, ha ha!


  18. Oh deffo, we’ve all got our secret bits squirrelled away while other things are flashy flashy neon lights on our pages.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, photos are a nightmare to work with colour schemes… and that, my friend, is why I am super grateful for black and white filters! Haha

    Good luck with your Week in the Life, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful xx

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  19. It’s as if you were a fly on the wall!

    I was just chatting to the Rev. about how my Week in the Life is going to need plenty of neutral-coloured pockets to tuck all the lush, green photos into. This island is no respecter of colour schemes… lol


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