Plastic fantastic

It happened in our local cafe: I was sipping my coconut latte (get me – hipster mummy) while flipping through our local magazine’s craft group listings.

“It’s time to open up your group,” whispered God. Just like that.

Dropped into my head, like a dunked biscuit left in the coffee a second too long.

Now I don’t do especially well with change – especially when things are fine the way they are.

Unlike my alter-ego Barbie, who is all about the crops and crafty events, I’m not so good at people-ing. And I’m certainly not grown-up enough to actually be in charge of anything.

But unlike Babs, I am supposed to flex and be stretchy; I’m created to grow and be challenged.

And I guess I’ve learnt over the years to listen when God whispers: to get on with the challenge as quickly as possible, because it all goes more smoothly that way.

So the posters are up and my cosy little faithscrappers group is ready to grow: I just hope I am too.

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