When I’m actually tired of me

I keep looking at skinny jeans: those proper tight, spray-on ones.

They seem to be the uniform of the hip young things around here and these days, I need a bit of help feeling either hip or young.

I did try a pair on the other day, but let’s just say they revealed more information than I would ever plan on sharing publicly.

I’ve noticed that whenever I feel a bit down on me, I do one of two things: I shop for new stuff or organise the bits I do have to death.

I think both are my way of trying to regain control and inject new energy into my world.

When you’re on a budget and not shopping, it can be tricky to see the same old bits in a fresh way, but it is possible.

Putting them in different containers can help. I spent a happy hour last night transferring all my stash into this Ikea drawer unit that used to hold all of Barbie’s clothes.

The things we already own may not be exactly what we’re craving right now, but they’re probably more than fine.

Creativity is always a good place to channel those slightly grumpy feelings of not being (or having) all that we wish for.

We’re focussing on something outside of ourselves and that can be really healthy.

Because however many shiny new stickers we own, however our stash is organised or however we may look in skinny jeans, we ladies really are awesome.

Just as we are.

8 thoughts on “When I’m actually tired of me

  1. mcwilsonky

    UGH! I hate those skinny jeans too! I’m a size 2 and won’t touch them! Let’s just say that if men wore them, we could ‘tell their religion’ as the old saying goes. LOL

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  2. Ah, glad I’m not the only one! I couldn’t actually think how to make them work with my current wardrobe anyway, as I have barely any long tops… and I’d want long tops!


  3. I’ve discovered too, if I’m longing to buy new stuff, I can usually make something similar with my cardstock, paint and stamps. It’s like getting new stuff and it gets you out of your head being creative and making something.

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  4. Yes! This is so true. It’s almost like the urge to cheer yourself up with pretty new things can be channelled into creativity.

    I’m getting to the stage where I talk to myself when I’m feeling low now and ask, “What do you actually need? What will genuinely cheer you up?” xx

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