Scrap like no one’s watching

To keep things fresh in my work, I need to keep it all fun. Hence, song lyrics, splashy paint and cute umbrella embellishments!

I suspect that we all need a little ‘scrap like no one’s watching’-resolve when we’re pushing our creative boundaries.

It’s so worth trying new things from time to time: like stapling a pocket page to a layout, just to see how it looks.

Or ‘thinking outside of the Thickers’ when it comes to titles and not letting the lack of cutting software hold you back from a bit of snipping.

A lot of my more fun layouts seem to feature black paint, big titles and lots of splatters…

… and some of them feature word-play and things layered up curiously.

I think the key in all this though, is to make as if no one’s going to see.

As if you don’t care how many likes it gets or doesn’t get; as if you’re making just for the sheer joy of making.

To try new things, to truly mess around and have fun with our creativity, we need to forget the critics entirely and just play.

Perhaps it’s when we tighten up and focus on a good end result – or when we’re making what we’ve always made, because it’s always gone down so well – that a bit of the joy goes out of the thing.

For me, the pages I like the best are the ones where I’ve not been the least bit concerned about how popular it will be. Life’s too short for making ‘layouts for likes’, right?

My favourite pages – and the only ones I’ve kept – are the ones where I’ve tried something new and enjoyed every minute of the process.

And shouldn’t scrapbooking be all about having fun?

8 thoughts on “Scrap like no one’s watching

  1. I totally agree with you and think that there is something truly special about trying something different and seeing what happens/where it takes you.

    As an example, I did my first Project Life today just to see what it’s like and although I found it more challenging than I expected (the tiny pockets really made me have to think hard about what to put in them) I really enjoyed doing something different and also it gave me a chance to try some new things as well, turns out you can stamp on doilies… who knew?!?!

    While comfort zones are beautiful cosy places to be, sometimes you just need to grab some scissors and paint and go crazy ๐Ÿ™‚


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  2. Some of the best layouts definitely come from going outside of your comfort zone. I love all the black massive titles in your layouts here – I Stamp big black letter titles sometimes but I think I might give these huge letter titles a go. I have been struggling with my creative mojo – maybe this is what I need to get it back a journey outside of my norm. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Yes! Have fun and play. I think we sometimes take ourselves and our pages a little too seriously and we just need to recapture the time when we were kids, chalking on the pavements and creating splodgy paintings that we were super proud of when our mums put them on the fridge door ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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