Pure randomness

Hey girls: thought we were due some random scrap-related musings.

Be prepared though: these are especially random, even for me.

Here we go…

One: was Jesus’ mum one of the first documented memory keepers?

The Bible says that Mary,

“…treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)

She couldn’t write them down or make a pretty album, but she was kind of doing what we all do: spotting the special and holding onto it for all she was worth.

I reckon she’d have been into Project Life, for sure.

On a related note, I loved how Annie F Downs said of her visit to Galilee, “It’s like the hometown date on The Bachelor.”

Two: will future product be re-usable?

You know how Maggie Holmes created that magnet board set-up where you could surround your photos with her beautiful floral magnets?

Do you think someone will invent us budget-focussed gals a similar system whereby we can make pretty layouts, photograph them, then pull the pieces apart and start again without spending a bean?

Kind of like scrap Lego?

Three: how do other minimalists handle this hobby?

I wonder what other minimal scrappers do with all the stuff they create? Okay, this one’s more a question than a thought.

Do they, like me, take a nice photo, then pull their layouts apart so they can re-use the pieces? Or am I alone in this madness?

Four: will someone please bring out a kit club where the contents are sweetie-hued every single month?

Oops, that may have been another question. But I’d be very tempted to subscribe.

I guess the trouble is, the collections aren’t especially sugar-hued so they appeal to the masses (and not just ladies like me who haven’t quite grown up).

Five: should ‘insta-issues’ alarm bells ring when all you can think about is how your manse walls are an annoying greenish-cream and not white?

I will come up with another non-question thought in a moment, I promise.

Six: do we scrapbookers make beautiful mini-books because we were scarred by teachers ruining our beautifully presented school work with their red pen marks?

I think it’s a thing: I remember the thrill of being permitted to fetch a fresh exercise book from the stationery cupboard and how I’d write in my best ‘new fountain-pen’ handwriting, only to have the whole thing returned to me covered in crosses.

I may not have been super-bright, but boy, my work was pretty.

Hands off my mini-albums, teach.

6 thoughts on “Pure randomness

  1. manxbanshee

    Re: (6) I have friends who talk about ‘stationery porn’ – the joy of looking for the perfect new notebook/ journal/ pen/ stationery stuff in little shops full of stationery goodies so the stuff about a new exercise book I get 🙂 I was never bothered about the teachers’ comments/ marks but I think I had teachers’ who never messed up your work but joy of new exercise book was (a) it needed covering in old wallpaper but (b) under said wallpaper cover the book cover itself could be totally covered in graffiti artwork (who you liked/ bands you liked/ Roger Dean-style logos and patterns)

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  2. Ah, now my books were always immaculately covered – not in old wallpaper – but in the very latest funky wrapping paper our newsagent had to offer. They were a sight to behold… 😉

    The Rev. says some teachers have switched to marking in pencil now, so that the child can make corrections and improve – I like that idea very much!

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  3. manxbanshee

    I’d forgotten wrapping paper – I think in 1970s there was a better range of wallpaper than wrapping paper (I think it was also an excuse to get an old wallpaper sample book from shops) but some may be covered in wrapping paper. I remember that my 4th year/ year 10 geometry exercise book proudly displayed an ‘I’ve seen the Omen’ sticker on the back cover – so very wrong in so many ways… Like idea of making corrections in pencil

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  4. manxbanshee

    that’s the difference in age – mine was covered in my psychedelic calligraphy with various band names such as Genesis, Black Sabbath, ELO, Queen etc

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