Chase the joy

I’ve just printed out thirty sheets of Felicity Jane digital papers and cut-aparts. Thirty.

The novelty of having a colour printer with a free ink deal may have sent me temporarily giddy.

I’ve been rather run down recently, hence the crummy radio-silence over here. I am sorry about that.

When I try and cram in too much, my body certainly lets me know about it!

I’ve recently been trying to establish a good social/alone balance.

I’m doing my housework and scrapbooking, but also loving my voluntary work, weekly Bible Studies and my Faithscrappers group.

But something has still been proving too much: I’ve somehow still been asking too much of each day.

Youtube has been the first thing to go – which has actually lightened the load an awful lot.

I have nothing but respect for the lasses who provide us with so much great quality youtube content… that whole process takes so much work!

After that, I needed to decide which activities were doing me good – being sociable, playing with Barbies, making things – and which might be next in line to be cut.

And as much as I’ve really enjoyed designing my own bits to play with, right now, I’m aware that I do need to press pause on the etsy work.

The simple fact is, there are just not enough hours in the day!

I’m so proud of all I’ve made and will hopefully return to designing more at some point, but for right now I’ll be working with what’s there, alongside the gorgeous Felicity Jane digitals.

I think it’s well worth having a look at the ways we choose to fill our free moments and deciding if the things we’re doing are those that bring us the most joy.

And what’s bringing me the most joy – and has done since the day I discovered it – is scrapbooking itself. And anything that trespasses onto my precious making time better watch out!

12 thoughts on “Chase the joy

  1. I’m so with you on the joys of scrapbooking and related messing about with paper. And with the way that YouTube (nice though it is) can suck away your time unawares. I need space and silence to balance the rest of crazy life and making/creating/playing is the third side of life.
    On another note, do you print your printables onto paper or card? Any recommendations? I love digitals and I have a new printer with ink…… πŸ˜‰

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  2. Ah, thanks for this lovely comment, friend! I started by printing my printable onto paper as that was all the copy shop could do, but since we invested in our own printer, I’ve been doing them on thin card. The brand that we buy from the pound shop has a slight gloss finish to it which is actually really lovely and gives a rather professional look! I’m kind of thrilled πŸ˜‰ xx

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  3. There’s certainly no reason not to take a break – gosh, there’s such a lot in your shop to work with! I’m holding onto a few of the sheets until summertime b/c we have such a different climate. Rest up, feel better soon and enjoy the spring on your little island πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  4. Ah, thank you dear friend. It’s actually taking some time to kick this one: normally I bounce back quite quickly from unwell spells, but perhaps I need to make efforts to relax a little bit more! xxx

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  5. Ooh, pound shop card sounds a good option. Thanks for the tip. I just have a new printer too which prints good photos so hopefully will do a good job of printables too. Yours certainly look good on your photos.

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  6. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    I agree, we have limited time and anergy and some thing just have to become a treat rather than an everyday thing.
    Congrats on your own printer:)

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  7. Yes! I am *loving* being able to print my own things! It’s a total eye-opener… we’re whizzing through the ink, mind you πŸ˜‰ but with the HP deal, it doesn’t matter – happy days! xx


  8. Oh, me too! I’m so thrilled with this new plan and it feels so lovely to finally have a bit of a stash. I’ve rather over-printed again though… between mine and the Crate Paper printables, I’ll be snipping well into next week, lol


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