Cute coffee cup album

Here’s a sweet, super-simple little project to make that’s especially fun to do with tweens… let’s go!

Next time you go shopping, bring your coffee cup home and give it a really good wash.

Or ask for an extra one, if you prefer!

Cut your cup in half and squash it flat(ish).

Then gather as many cute papers and embellishments as you can!

Using your cup as a template, cut out some pretty pages.

I added tabs later on, but you could include these in your shape.

Using a hole punch, add a hole to the corner of each page and strengthen them with sticky hole reinforcers.

Then comes the fun bit!

You might like to start with the cover or dive straight in to the pages.

You could document a special outing, what you love about your friends or write about your favourite hobby.

Your pages can be as simple or as intricate as you like.

You may want to add photos, stickers, receipts, notes and other memorabilia.

Once you’re done, thread the pages onto a binder ring or secure with ribbon.

You might like to make a charm for your book using ribbon scraps and beads or add a keyring you already have.

The result is a super-cute little album that looks really cute hanging from a pin-board or just sitting on the side in your room!

16 thoughts on “Cute coffee cup album

  1. Aw, you’re so welcome! I love making these and Starbucks cups provide the perfect black and white background (I have to stick something pretty over the ‘green lady’ on the back, mind you ;))


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