My social media sweet spot

I’m happy: this thing is finally working!

Here’s where I’ve landed with the whole social media thing and how I’m making it work for me…

Firstly, I realised that Instagram said pretty much all I wanted to say about my life.*

As much as I enjoyed facebook groups, I enjoy real life friendships way more and so prioritising these was an obvious first step.

I’ve found that if I’m not socialising online, I’m way more likely to seek out those connections in real life.

Another important decision for me, was opting for a basic ‘brick’ of a phone that I could make calls and send texts on, but no more.

So once I’ve posted my days photos – and I stopped over-thinking how many I should post: just shove ’em all on and enjoy it! – I put the family i-pad away and get on with my day.

I loosely follow 20 accounts on Instagram… anyone else, I have to purposefully look up.

Deciding to keep those ‘look up’ sessions as treats during my breaks has worked really well. The distraction issue has ceased to be a problem, which has helped my productivity no end.

I used to worry that I’d stopped sharing the things I’d created and instead, started creating to share.

I’ll admit that I’ve stopped worrying about which came first. I figure that so long as I’m getting creative (and I’m not getting addicted to the praise!), it’s really not much of an issue.

Another question mark for me in the past, has been not wanting to write anything meaningful for fear of giving too much away.

But I’m realising that there are ways to write things down, there are ways to hide journalling and there are ways to photograph things – so privacy no longer needs to be a concern.

I think the long and short of it for me is, I’m grateful for this life and want to enjoy and record it.

I want to be present for my loved ones and not stuck behind a screen, but I do want to revel in the creative process of documenting the everyday beauty that is all around me.

It’s about finding balance I think, and I’m really proud of myself for working through all this and coming out the other end.

To a place where I can still participate, create, have fun and share, but not have the medium calling the shots – as I think it may have done in the past.

* My blog filled a gap nicely while I was on a break from Instagram: it may be that, in time, things here do actually wind up – just a little notice.

10 thoughts on “My social media sweet spot

  1. Don’t you just wish social media wasn’t a thing? XD I only ask that because (as I’ve been pondering over the next topic for the podcast I’ve just started) it’s definitely created some awful societal habits that I personally wish just didn’t exist, esp. with my generation and after me. I actually kind of miss when everything was just posted on blogs. And sadly a lot of my favorites have stopped blogging and really only do IG now, but it’s not the same. Plus, I get to control why I see when I read the blogs of my choosing. There are no algorithms to tell me what I want to see! That’s why I love coming back to your blog and am thankful you keep posting here. It’s just a cosy space overall. IG can be too flashy. Also, I’m still in the slow process of KonMari-ing my IG feed. Hopefully I can make it cozy for me there too. I’m so glad you’ve found your balance with social media! It’s always a nice feeling when you finally find what works!

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  2. I’m actually quite torn these days, on the wishing it didn’t exist thing… I’m finding so much joy in photographing my life and sharing it, that I kind of feel like a child again… that side of it is really awesome and I’m grateful for having that element of fun in my life again.

    I do worry for Kitty’s generation… I don’t know when I’ll let her have her own phone, but it’s certainly not yet. She has a basic one like mine, but as for social media… it’s a lot for an adult, let alone a small person, you know? Absolutely no judgement on anyone else’s decision, btw: we each make our decisions to suit our particular kids, but I know that K’s not nearly robust enough yet.

    I’m loving your podcast – I hope you keep going! I was wondering (for about half a second) about starting one myself, then realised that I actually hate talking and find anything public like that excruciating (!) so I’m possibly not the best fit for a podcast host, lol. Plus, I need to be paring back, not taking more on, or the design stuff that I’m really enjoying will get squeezed right out of the picture. xx


  3. I made a decision about a year ago to cut out social media and see what happened. No FB, no IG, no Twitter – nothing. So far, the only thing I’ve missed is blogging, so I’m back. I may join one platform for my new business, but it will likely be YouTube instead of others. They were just huge time wasters, as well as keeping me from actual face to face interactions. You don’t realize how much of a time suck it is until you quit. Kudos to you for finding your sweet spot!

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  4. Gosh yes, you’ve been on a similar journey by the sounds of it. I definitely have done a whole lot better since I decided to do less social media and more real life stuff… I started my faithscrappers group, signed up for a monthly craft fair, joined a weekly Bible study and committed to one day a week at a charity shop, all in an attempt to re-address the balance.

    Those things have done me so much good on a deep level that sadly social media doesn’t even start to touch. The online is just no replacement for real people, in my view, so needs to have less time invested in it – for me! xx

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  5. It would be sad if you stopped completely, you have a thoughtful perspective that adds value to blogland, but I get that balance and wellbeing are the most important things. Whatever you decide, I’ve enjoyed following your blog.

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  6. Ah, this is a beautiful comment! Thank you, dear friend – I think I might be feeling that gentle pull towards slowing things down even further, but you know me: I do tend to change direction fairly frequently, lol xx

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  7. I’m so pleased that you’ve found your mo-jo as far as where to post and how often etc, it’s nice to be in control as it can get on top of you if you’re not careful, plus we miss you when you’re gone 🙂

    It would be a shame if you stopped blogging altogether as I feel like, for me anyway, that I get to see a little bit more of you on here than on the ‘gram, but then I totally understand that might be the very reason you want to pack it up – haha

    There is also the problem of duplicating – I find I do this a lot as I post photos on Instagram and then use them in my blog posts too, so I worry that I’m not creating any *new* content as such. I’ve come back to blogging after a few years gap and it is a different world out there now, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m glad that, for now at least, you’re here and you’re blogging away 🙂


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  8. Ah, this is a lovely comment Danielle, thank you!

    I wouldn’t worry about the duplication thing if I were you… I don’t think people mind. I certainly never do! If something’s lovely, it’s nice to see more of it anyway! 😉

    I think another decider for me on the blogging front has been going through something I won’t be sharing. That sort of life stuff does make you reassess whether showing up anyway is a good idea or not – there’s always a big part of me that craves authenticity and openness.

    I think it can be good to look at your life, think about what you’re giving energy to and consider the direction you want things to take. At the moment, Instagram is feeling like a comfortable, low-effort fit – and these days, I’m genuinely not caring about the numbers (I call that progress, lol!)

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  9. Haha, you’re probably right on the duplication, I hadn’t really thought about it that way – that makes me worry less 🙂

    I totally understand what you mean about things that can’t be shared. I don’t think everything should be shared on social media, there are some things that are meant to be kept and just discussed with your nearest and dearest. I think sometimes the people that do overshare do so because they find it easier to do that than speak to the people that mean the most, so that’s quite a sad thing and I never judge them – we’ve all got to muddle through this life in our own special way, making mistakes, but also hopefully learning as we go.

    It’s so wonderful that you’re considering what’s best to give your energy to and this approach is clearly working for you so I’m chuffed to bits you’re comfortable. I’m hopeful I’ll get there eventually, currently I’m still working it all out and having anxiety about making sure to give out as much love as I receive, not number chasing, but my own demented brand of social-stress – haha


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