Scrapbook girl crushes

Nearly all of my favourite scrapbookers are (I think) German and I’m wondering why.

Do you guys get a really good design education over there? Is that beautiful clean aesthetic just a cultural thing that you grow up absorbing?

Here are some of the girls whose work I aspire to…

Steffi Ried

Kathleen Graumuller (Scattered Confetti)

Ulrike Dold (Think Pink & Mint)

Janna Werner

Evelyn La Fleur

15 thoughts on “Scrapbook girl crushes

  1. Oh, you’re just the sweetest! (arrogantly assuming you’re talking about me and not some lass on the Isle of Wight…)

    But don’t we always crave what comes naturally to someone else? Perhaps it’s my Enneagram Four-ness 😉 xxx


  2. I might be….
    I just like how we all love different things and inspiration builds and turns into a new project which in turn can spark someone else. Maybe it doesn’t come naturally to them either? I can’t draw or paint but I love messing around with paper and colour and it makes me happy. I used to spend my time wishing I was artistic but now I just enjoy what I have – I can’t change the rest. But my four-ness does crave a bit of encouragement now and again!!

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  3. Yes! I love that about this community too! It’s like pass the parcel… each girl inspires the next, but the idea is pushed a little each time or changed up slightly: it’s wonderful.

    I think my near-constant dissatisfaction with what I’m making is what pushes me! I want to find that elusive sweet spot between free and artistic and tight and immaculate. A lot of scrapbookers – myself included – seem to find one or the other a more natural fit. 🙂


  4. I know what you mean! I’m a bit of a chameleon in that I like learning new techniques and trying to recreate things on a budget I can’t afford to buy. I used to have a very ‘blocky’ style but less so these days. Immaculate? Never! But some days I am shouting at the process video ‘it doesn’t need splatters! ‘ 😂

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  5. Ah, now I’m the opposite! When folks are doing little neat spots, I’m like, “C’mon! Show me some real splodges!” But that has spectacularly back-fired for me, so perhaps they’re actually very wise 😉


  6. I love all of these ladies as well!! I hadn’t realize they all might be German. I’ve noticed though that there’s a bit of a “regional style” you can say with scrapbooking. Like I follow a few Spanish scrapbookers and their styles are all so similar as well. It’s very interesting!

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  7. Isn’t it? I’m pretty sure these girls are all German, but not 100%. I wonder if there’s a British style too and an Aussie one and whether you US gals have your own vibe too?

    Rev. Fish and I both love Scandinavia, for many reasons, but among them, that they are so good at design. I think these ladies definitely showcase that same sort of ‘less is more’ flair 🙂 x


  8. manxbanshee

    Is it also an age thing? having been born in the 1960s/ growing up in 1970s I was particularly into the vintage Beatles (Sergeant Pepper look)/ Biba style/ all the recycled Art Nouveau art & design (Alphonse Mucha posters etc)/ very eclectic vintage vibe followed by a much rougher round the edges Punk/ Post-Punk new wave/ New Romantic style – I can appreciate the ‘less is more’ Scandi aesthetic but I think I’ll always be an old eclectic vintage goth (who knew 😉

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  9. It could well be, that’s a really good point.

    I was certainly influenced by my aunt and uncle whose home had a much simpler aesthetic than ours when I was growing up. I remember looking around at the white walls and furniture and enjoying the sense of space and airiness. But they are both great travellers (she taught German!) so perhaps it was the Euro influence, even then.

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  10. manxbanshee

    In 1960s-1970s you had various styles – one extreme was a very cluttered or ‘layered’/ vintage/ boho-hippy look and the other was a very pared back G-plan/ Danish/ Minimalist Modern look – depended on your budget/ where you lived – an old terrace or cottage with little rooms worked with old stripped pine furniture & stuff (lot of stuff) while an open-plan modern build/ post war property worked with the white walls and pale Scandi furniture

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  11. Ah, that’s interesting! Yes, their house was a more roomy property which worked well with that airy vibe.

    Our first house together was a tiny two-up, two-down and that looked really nice with a shabby-chic, country cottage style… I loved it then, but have since got a lot more minimalistic!

    The trouble I might find with that approach is we get the homes we’re given with ministry life. While my minimal approach suits this new build very well, it might not do much to add appeal to a less pretty building! But ‘cross that bridge’ 😉

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  12. ScatteredConfetti

    Oh Suse, you just made me smile! Being included in a list of scrapbookers whose work you aspire to is a litle bit crazy, since I believe most of us are really inspired by you and would maybe like to be a little bit more like you!
    I think it’s wonderful that we inspire each other and everyone adds their own unique style to it!

    By the way, yes, all of the scrappers you listed are German 😉

    Not sure where this “German style” is coming from, but for me at least, I can say that the Scandinavian clean designs (especially in home design & decor) are totally my thing because I like my white space and “room to breathe”. But every once in a while I also like to do a “more is more” kind of project.

    I also noticed that there’s a regional style, at least for some countries. I think especially the Spanish, French, Polish and also Germans have quite a distinct style (from the other regions) but then within a certain region they are very similar to each other. While I kind of like that and like to be inspired by others and also inspire others, I always hope and strive for still “being me” and having a style that is me. I’m not sure I have found it yet but I guess that is what inspires me about you the most: you have your Suse style. I immediately know when I see a project if that is one of yours!

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  13. Yay, I’m so relieved that I did get everyone’s nationality right! I was half imagining a comment saying, “Um, actually I’m Polish?” or similar!

    Thank you so much for this lovely long comment which does really add to the conversation. You ladies certainly have a knack at making that fresh, airy thing look very effortless! I see it in your interior photos too – very inspiring indeed!

    It’s a beautiful look for sure, as while it’s still intricate and interesting, it’s not laboured or “look at me!” and that restful element really shines through.

    It’s that gentle, elegant vibe that I love and you are a true master, friend! xxx


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