Setting up from scratch

When you look at craft rooms online, you’d be forgiven for thinking that to get started with scrapbooking, you need a complete, all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow, shop-like set-up.

And while having lots of things to play with is a wonderful treat, it’s absolutely not essential.

Today I wanted to share – perhaps for our newbie scrap gals – how to set up a little scrap corner from scratch.

I like to think my layouts are cute and interesting to look at. I’ll admit that they are all very similar, but perhaps that’s just me being me and loving mint paint!

I guess what I’m saying is, you don’t need a whole rainbow of products or a huge budget to create things that are still really pretty.

My first tip is to find a table and paint it white.

You might already have one at home that you or another family member no longer needs.

Any table at all will do, so long as you can sit at it comfortably.

Depending on the room you have, you might want to push it against a wall, or if you have more space to play with, you could pop it into the middle or have one end jutting out.

A pin-board is a scrap area essential for me and it’s so much fun to change up the things on it.

I found mine in a thrift shop and painted it white with wall paint from the diy shop.

Next, you’re going to need some sort of organiser for all your tools and materials.

Ikea is a good spot to shop for this… I recommend trying their kids department.

Alternatively, think about a mini chest of drawers or series of cute boxes or trays.

To keep your desktop largely free, you might want to think about popping your materials box onto some sort of stool or trolley.

Lots of the crafty girls have Raskogs from Ikea, but keep an eye out in cheaper shops for any sort of vegetable trolley, saucepan organiser or pretty stool.

You might need a shelf or two above your desk to pop mini albums and planners onto.

Have a scout around your local diy shop and see what grabs you. Rev. Fish picked these out for me and he got it spot on!

You’ll need some sort of pen pot, but why not have a look in your kitchen to see if you already have something that could be re-purposed?

I like using chipped mugs or empty coffee jars. Tin cans can have a lovely industrial look too, but make sure you remove the top safely.

You’ll also need some sort of organiser for smaller items, like paperclips, buttons and enamel dots.

I treated myself to this ceramic one from Crate Paper, but look out for actual bun tins in cute colours or other divided kitchen dishes.

Another item to look out for is cutlery organisers.

Painted up, these can make great storage solutions or even little shelf units.

I hope this little guide has been useful and you won’t ever let a small budget or lack of space get in the way of you discovering one of the most joy-giving hobbies there is!

I imagine an entire craft area could be kitted out in this way for anywhere between £10 (everything recycled, one tin of paint) and about £30 (Ikea & thrift shops)

11 thoughts on “Setting up from scratch

  1. Less is always more. It’s so tempting to buy massive paper pads when you start off but you just don’t use them up. It’s more fun and I can be more prolific having less and then treating myself to a bit more when I really need it.

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  2. This is such good advice – I wish I had read this when I first started. Now it’s too late (I do think I can laugh at my little joke,though, instead of despairing – I’m working on bashing and not buying so as not too feel anxious about the amount of stuff I own.) I’d love to have a limited color palette like you, but find that really hard. Thanks…. marlirimurray

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  3. you’re welcome, Suse. I believe you are really helping people with scrap therapy and faith scrapping, me being on of them. Thanks for venturing out there. (I’m not really Janet, she’s the former owner of my business, a language school in Spain. The name is Marlisa, or marlirimurray and marli_makes101 on IG)

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