Ordinary, everyday, precious

I spotted this quote in my magazine this month and I liked it.

When asked what words of wisdom she would be passing on to her daughter, actress Amelia Fox answered,

“That the ordinary things in life are the most extraordinary, and that a simple life makes you happiest.”

I’m really learning the value of a simple life these days and the joy that comes from surprisingly ordinary things.

Where I used to find delight in the parcels of little treats that used to arrive almost daily, I’m now finding myself experiencing deep joy at being part of the community at the thrift shop I volunteer at.

I’m relishing small things: the moments I get to sit and look at the garden with a fresh coffee; coming in from the chill on a windy day or breathing in the scent of laundered towels.

It’s delighting me to find that I can still create beautiful things without spending very much money at all.

And in my pared-back, minimal home, I’m enjoying the peace of pale, ordered rooms – and even finding some joy in keeping things that way!

Things here are not straightforward by any means, but it’s sometimes during the bumpier patches of life, that you find yourself becoming even more thankful for the simple, everyday blessings.

Those precious gifts that are right under our noses.

4 thoughts on “Ordinary, everyday, precious

  1. It’s such a blessing to be content with the things that come your way rather than grasping for those things way out of reach that may not make me happy anyway! Learning that the grass isn’t always greener is such a big life lesson.

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  2. Yes – and I’ve learnt that things do bring joy in the moment, but very soon that fades and you need something else new to get the same ‘kick’ 😉


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