Book of memories

Gosh, an actual memory keeping project: this may actually be my first!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to think through the format this little project would take: so many brilliant ideas.

But when I spotted this pretty blue children’s book in our local thrift shop, I knew I had found my ‘album’.

It’s chunky: I’m not going to lie!

And I’m not sure that I love the chunkiness – not going to lie there either.

The Rev. suggested cutting some of the unused pages out, but I can’t quite bring myself to do that, in case I mess it up.

Here’s pretty much what’s happening inside: lots of white paint and one or two photos on each page.

You can see why these photos haven’t been scrapped conventionally, can’t you? They’re so not my colours!

But they’re gorgeous memories and I value them so much.

I also love hearing Kitty’s take on my childhood and her despair at my lack of fashion sense.

Actually, I had fashion sense: it was just 80’s fashion sense. Pink velour shorts, side bunches and Snoopy sunnies? Very cool.

I’ve popped a few more recent memories in there too – not many, just a couple of my favourites.

At the back, I made a couple of little pockets to tuck in some special letters.

(Got to love how I’ve cropped this photo so the all you can see of Kitty’s precious Mother’s Day poem is the word ‘bottom’! Oops.)

But I’ll be honest with you: I’m now stalling. Because I need to write the journalling and I’m just not sure how to treat it.

I’ve yet to write a single word about losing my mum and I don’t know how to even try to put that ocean full of feelings into the few words of a photo caption.

It’s been an eye-opener for me to realise that I never actually scrap about anything difficult.

Perhaps I’ve hit upon a genuine scrap-stumbling block for lots of people: letting those tucked-away feelings see the light is hard to do!

19 thoughts on “Book of memories

  1. Oooh it looks fab, what a brilliant idea to recycle a book! πŸ™‚

    Tough stuff is hard to write about, I guess us scrappy Brit’s like to bottle everything up as well, which doesn’t help!!

    If I can offer any words of advice it’s that writing things down *really* does help. I think you just need to be kind to yourself about it – pick a sunny day, a comfortable spot and give yourself some alone time to get it out, put it down in whatever form it takes and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to be vulnerable. As someone that’s done this recently I can tell you that you do feel a bit better afterwards.

    You’ve got this scraptherapy lady x

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  2. Oh, you’re so wonderful! Thank you for being so lovely.

    Yes, I was actually thinking of ‘doing a Wilna’ and taking it to Starbucks with me next time I go… that might be a nice happy way to get the tough stuff done xxx

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  3. Great solution. Just love recycled book art 😍. If it gets too chunky, you could go another route and trim off the spine, hole punch and put on rings. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about the journaling of hard things. If you look at scrapbooking supplies, not many deal with the tough moments… (I don’t mean to sound harsh) But really, how many “best day ever”-s can one person have? I have a hard time using the supplies that say that phrase πŸ˜‰

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  4. Yes, that’s so true. Most days are ‘kind of okay’ at best, right? πŸ™‚

    I’m not quite sure whether to write an ‘anyone can read this’ version of events or a more heartfelt, personal response.

    Or I could write a ‘here’s how I felt at this time and here’s what I’ve learnt since’ approach… it’s not quite straightforward! xx

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  5. What a lovely idea to use a kids book – all those blithe childhood stories just lurking under white paint ready to be covered by the truth of your own life. And I take back my suggestion about orange – those photos are proper orange but no less precious. And the best thing about committed your thoughts to paper is that you can make cute pockets to hide the bits you need to and revisit/add to as you process.
    I lost my Mum too – it takes a long time…. big hugs.

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  6. You’re *so* right about the “living my best life” stuff!

    Did you ever see the Case of the Blahs range that Pinkfresh did? It was sooooo accurate and was full of sarcastic little phrases that worked really well – there was one die-cut that said ‘I can do anything’ but underneath in a smaller font said ‘but today I’d rather not’ – that’s how I feel most of the time! Haha

    Life has highs and lows so there should be more options for anyone that wants to scrap/journal about the lows πŸ™‚

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  7. This book is already so special and gorgeous! Take your time with the journaling, think about it a bit. It might end up being something too personal to share with us, but that’s 100% cool too. Follow your heart!😘

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  8. Ah, thank you lovely! Yes, the journalling is a tricky one. I’ve written ‘real’ thoughts before in Project Life, then felt incredibly vulnerable when visitors flip through the pages, in case they read what feels like a diary entry!

    I could write with the intention of Kitty learning what her ‘Nanny in heaven’ was like, or it could be more fun and light… I’m wondering whether the lighter it is, the more likely Kitty is going to want to look though it – at least at her current age! When she’s older, she may be interested in more details, I guess. xxx

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  9. Ah, thank you Allyson! I’ve enjoyed making it. The time-consuming bit was adding white paint to each page, as you have to leave each one to dry or they stick together! But perhaps folks who do this regularly have heat tools to help speed things up a bit xxx

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  10. I really love the idea of writing it for Kitty. If I were writing that way, I’d try to include light and serious information.
    I know I’d love to know the details of my grandmother’s life. Now, I love talking to my mom about when she was young girl. She had a tough childhood but she grew up to be a strong, resilient, amazing woman!

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  11. That’s funny, I was only talking to my friend in the charity shop this morning about how we wished we knew more about our older relatives.

    I think writing it with Kitts in mind is the way I shall go, for sure! Thanks for helping me work through the ideas for this – it’s appreciated! xxx


  12. Elizabeth

    Boy that’s no joke! Even people that always look on the bright side, can’t possibly have that many “Best Day Ever”s!! Smh. Tough stuff needs supplies to, maybe it might make it just a smidget less though!!

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