One clueless scrapbooker

Do you know, I never describe myself as a memory keeper? My layouts are never about recording memories – it’s a creative outlet for me all the way.

And as a minimalist, I still don’t even keep most of my pages (don’t tell the ladies that get upset about these things, will you?)

Trouble is, I have memories that I need to record and I have no idea how to go about it.

Well, not so much memories as a bunch of old photos and snippings that I need to somehow sort out.

Yes, that’s me on the left: a star.

Oh, how I wanted to be the moon and wear gold, but no: a silver star. But hey: am I rocking that tinsel skirt, or what?

So I need some advice.

How best to sort and store all this stuff. Because the future me needs to remember that my dogs were, “hoovers for food.”

Project Life wouldn’t be the solution here, as I need those pages to be pretty.

I just do.

The Rev. suggested making some sort of mini book or accordion album, but… meh: those photos are mainly from the seventies – they’re almost all orange.

Some of them would certainly be layout-worthy… but I guess we need to remember my track record for not keeping layouts intact for more than two seconds and these photos are meaningful.

Look at my mum there: what a total beaut.

And my Dad looking like one of The Beatles

I could of course, just sling them all in a cute box. But that doesn’t seem very scrapbooker-y, does it?

I could scan them in and create a blurb book, but then what happens to the originals?

Or I could just go completely old school and buy – gasp – a photo album.

What would you do? Help a girl out!

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  1. Conni

    Dear Suse,
    How about making some kind of interactive box? 🙂
    You could use a bigger box so that the photos can stand upright and can be flipped through. Maybe it would be nice to clip them to cardstock pieces which all have the same size. In between the photos, you could add something like file folder cards with thoughts about the photos, detailed information etc. Also, some scrapbooking / mixed media would be nice on the cards.
    I’m curious about what you’ll do with your treasure 🙂
    Have a nice day!
    Best regards from Germany,

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  2. I have been going through the same struggle with photos inherited from family. My solution (much debated with hubby…) is to:

    1. Sort and store originals and negatives in small archival plastic cases that self-store in a larger matching case. I’ve noted year and event on separate pieces of paper in the front of each set of photos.

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  3. 2. Scan in photos that are important to share with family (I have siblings, children, etc)

    3. Print out what I want to artistically document for myself, which allows me to color correct, crop, etc.

    We’ve been sorting for months. Discarding bad photos. Setting duplicates aside for the kids. My mother was documenting family photos when she passed suddenly 10 years ago. It’s a work in progress and I only have one aunt to go to for identifying relations who were my grandparents’ generation.

    Hope this was helpful. I spent a long time deciding but feel good about the historical photos and documents being preserved with details and less bulk for my kids to deal with.

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  4. I know exactly what you mean as I have a similar problem with old photos that I want to keep for the memories but won’t work scrapping. I was thinking about buying some plain white boxes that are A4 sized but not very deep, sorting and storing the photos into years, 80s, 90s etc. then decorating the heck out of the boxes.

    They could be stacked into little bundles, tied together with cute twine and have tags and embellishments added… could work, even though you’ve said a box isn’t very scrappy, you could still do something that’s creative by decorating the boxes, even finding your fave photos, making copies and sticking them to the tops of the boxes too, treat the lids like 12x12s?

    Probably not very minimalist to fill your house with boxes though, hahaha

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  5. I’m scrapping mine! At least a cross section of them, originals (gasp!) The family can always cut them up again after all. I love the comments above about making sets for posterity/sharing and I love Conni’s idea – reminds me of the Rolodex (Heidi Swapp?) craze from a few years ago. Definitely worth thinking through. Love the hoover dogs!!

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  6. Diane Clark Buchkoski

    Take a photo of the picture. Turn it to black and white. Edit with the features in the photo editing. I just use my cell phone. Works for me!

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  7. Yes, now I thought of this and liked the idea a lot. The only trouble I have is – and this is obviously a me-quirk – I’m not happy about having unnecessary duplicates of anything… then we’re talking throwing away original photos, which, as unsentimental as I am normally, feels all wrong in this case. 😉

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  8. Dear Suse,
    Perhaps an album with a mix of it all?
    Some pages could be layouts for the special photos.
    You could pop in some photo album pages too and even insert some handmade pockets and envelopes for photos and any little notes you may want to write about the photo.
    Whatever you do I’m sure it will be lovely


  9. Teagan

    Dear Suse,
    You could create one album and combine all the things into one.
    You could do layouts for special
    Photos even if it’s a copy of the photo then you could have photo album pages as well and make little pockets and envelopes for the actual photos and some notes about the photos too!
    I’m sure whatever you make will be lovely.

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  10. Yay, thanks for this idea Teagan! You’re such a star.

    I’m in the middle of making a little altered book where I’m sticking the photos straight onto the pages… so we’re thinking very much on the same lines!

    But your idea of having the actual photos in pockets is genius too – if I had wanted the project to be a ‘looker’! xxx

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