Hopes & dreams

The blank pages of a fresh week in my scraptherapy planner: I almost prefer it all empty like this!

There’s so much potential, so many possibilities; we never know what our weeks will bring.

I’ve been thinking recently about calling and my life’s direction.

I’m not coming up with very many concrete answers, but I’m enjoying asking the questions, nonetheless.

You know that poem about wearing purple when you get old? Well, I may switch that to Suse-blue, but it certainly captures the vibe of the future I see for myself.

Living light; living free. Getting outside with my camera, staying inside under a blanket with a book.

I think I can see a little rescue dog in there too. Maybe I’ll get her a Suse-blue jacket or a pink gingham headscarf.

At one point, I think I rather fancied a scrapbooker’s life: retreats, events, product and classes.

But you reach a point where you’ve turned down enough shiny offers to question whether all that glamour will ever prove a comfortable fit for you.

I think I’m realising that my life needs to be lived with a sense of the main thing staying my main thing.

Because I don’t especially value travel, followers or product – although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things – but rather simplicity and home.

My people; quietness. Fresh laundry, an empty ironing basket (hey, it sometimes happens!) and a pile of un-read paperbacks.

I remember the very moment that Rev. Fish was on the phone finding out where in the UK we’d be posted: I was making a little scraptherapy page full of seaside colours, transparent textures and beachy driftwood tones.

God knows the desires of our hearts so well!

He knows our needs; He knows where we’ll best thrive.

Sometimes He calls us to journey into more uncomfortable waters and we have to trust that He’ll keep us afloat.

But two things are promised: that there are plans for our lives and that He’ll never leave us as we journey along the road.

10 thoughts on “Hopes & dreams

  1. manxbanshee

    Love this 🙂 as soon as I first heard ‘When I am old, I will wear purple…’ I realised the 6-7 year old me would have said ‘Sorry, can’t wait that long, wearing it now’.- after 30+ years in one job, I’m rapidly looking at the next chapter in the next few years, which will hopefully involve some travel/ some writing & a lot of art/ craft & reading 🙂

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  2. manxbanshee

    I’ve been wearing purple from when i was young (and black) I was a perky little Wednesday Adams as a kid (now I’m grandma 🙂 a little bookshop/cafe/ craft shop/ gallery with a programme of crafty workshops would be brilliant 🙂

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  3. missnadia949

    I really miss the way you use to do your scrapthearpy. In a homemade ring style made with all recycled items. Even when you started storing your work of art in your FJ planner was fine. But changing your entire format onto weekly planner pages has me lost. I based my scraptherapy on your original idea. Now I’m a little lost since you’ve changed up your format, to be honest with you. I haven’t seen you post any process videos on your new style and I’ve been in limbo lately. I’ve been stumped, and trying to find my way. I don’t want you to feel bad in anyway. I’m just being 100% honest. I was doing your original scraptherapy process daily. Since you switched it up… I haven’t scrapped in over two weeks (gasps for air). I’m just lost.

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  4. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear this, missnadia! What a shame that you feel you’ve lost your way a little…

    I think my way of working has always evolved and moved – it’s perhaps the creative way. It’s finding that extra challenge that you want to master – for me, neatening things up a little – and then pushing yourself to try and master that. For me, this movement keeps things vibrant and interesting.

    I’m so enjoying my planner style of working… and I’m finding I actually have the urge to make layouts alongside the planner pages, which is a bit of win for me, as I thought that flame had burnt out 😉

    But I am sorry that you feel disappointed – I’d never intend to cause anyone to feel left out or abandoned. Sending huge hugs! xxx


  5. missnadia949

    I’m sorry if you thought I was disappointed. That was not my intentions one bit Suse. I definitely worded what I meant to say wrong, and my apologies for that. You’re my inspiration. Your many, many peoples inspiration. I guess I never thought to look at it in your shoes. It makes perfect sense, you couldn’t have explained it better. You are always evolving. We should always evolve. I guess im just not there yet 🙂 I’ve only started scraptherapy in January of this year. So, this approach is new all together. Plus I’m not the best with change as it is. But, I love your work regardless of how you decide to display it. I’ll always be your #1 fan! I highly appreciate you taking time to respond. You’re amazing at everything you do!!

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  6. Ah, you mustn’t worry one bit, Nadia! I love when we all say whatever’s on our minds and you did have a really good point: I have changed things up a fair ol’ bit with scraptherapy in terms of style and it does look a lot different these days. 🙂

    You’re ever so kind in your comments and they are so appreciated! I’m not sure that I am all that amazing, but I do like to have a go and try things… and often trying enough things enough times is enough to get a nice result every now and then, lol xxx


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