Muffin photoshoot

I had to grab the camera this afternoon: we were lounging about with our books and cups of tea, and Muffin – our shy girl – came to join us and sat prettily in a patch of sunshine.

Here are the snaps I got…

This one’s cute.

Although there’s always the worry that there’s something unsavoury on the carpet that I’ve picked out in all it’s ‘eew’ glory.

Muffin has a beautiful speckled coat, which is apparently quite rare.

We all like the little white bit on her chin, which we call her ‘milky patch’.

This is an expression I get a lot: it means,

“You know I don’t actually like you, don’t you?”

She and Mittens seem to have a conversation early on and decided which human belongs to each cat. Needless to say, I didn’t get Her Royal Fluffiness.

But if ever a cat were like me, it would be this one: she’s frightened of her own shadow and jumps at the slightest thing.

She’s such a fluffy treat to stroke though – when she lets me get near!