Minimalism: all I own

“I’m sorry I’m so weird,” I apologised to a friend yesterday when I found myself unable to do something that anyone else wouldn’t think twice about.

She had the sweetest response that really warmed my heart:

“You’re not weird: you’re just you.”

And in the spirit of me being proudly me – embrace the weird! – here’s a blog post about my love of mimimalism and appreciation of the things that I own…

I ought to preface this post by saying that of course, we’re a family so have a house filled with furniture and other useful things.

But these are the things I consider mine.

Let’s start with scrapbooking (duh): that lot above is the lot. It’s all I use and all I keep.

Our second stop relates to hygge.

I have five cushions that were definitely my choice, a sheepskin rug, an embroidered bedspread and a spotty throw: all white, of course.

Artwork comes next: two of these pieces were commission by me from a fantastic (very) local artist and I could not love them more.

Somewhat oddly – even to me – my next category is rocks. Yes, I have become the kind of girl who treasures rocks!

The seaglass is clearly my collection and the other two have sentimental value, one being from Rev. Fish and the other from my late mum.

Other objects with sentimental value are these mugs (gifts from the Rev – he knows I like my coffee!) and this handmade box from Kitty.

The Ikea flowers and thrifted pink ampersand just make me feel like an Instagram crafty girl (I know, technically I am one, but you know… call it imposter syndrome).

Beauty stuff comes next.

My hairdryer is just cropped out of shot.

Ideally I’d like to ditch the tongs, but they seem to have magic powers when it comes to my sometimes flagging self-esteem.

Now on to the real star of the show: the first man who ever won my heart… Malcolm.

No, I don’t know why the baby me named him Malcolm either, but let’s all take just a moment to drink in his threadbare golden wonderfulness nonetheless.

So here’s my only bag other than my backpack.

It fits my little planner, a Bible, my purse, keys, i-pod, shopping bag, tissues and lipbalm.

And finally – I think! – my clothes.

I tend to stick to a bit of a uniform of jeans, soft dress, hoodie if it’s chilly and trainers. That just takes the guesswork out of getting dressed for me.

I have one pair of smart shoes that very rarely see the light of day, a jacket and my super-padded winter coat (possibly the best thing I ever invested in: I can still get outside on the very coldest of winter days).

Of course there’s pyjamas, a swimsuit, that sort of thing too.

And that’s that!

I think logging my belongings like this really helps me to work out what I value and most importantly, it helps me to draw a line under the whole shopping addiction thing.

If I reach a point mentally where I can say, “There: I have all I need,” I can resist making purchases that – if I’m honest – are usually based on a sense of needing to cheer myself up and there’s always wine for that.

I’m kidding, of course: library paperbacks, coffee and snuggles genuinely scratch any comfort issues for me these days!

10 thoughts on “Minimalism: all I own

  1. manxbanshee

    Suse – you are the best person at being Suse – enjoy it 🙂 I’ve always wanted to ‘curate’/ ‘display’ & ‘catalogue’ all my stuff (there’s lot….) and I think I may actually do it and find a way to ‘log’ everything with it’s story – whether it’s the ceramic bowls I brought back from a Greek island hopping trip/ wallhanging I got from a craft shop over 30 years ago, the posh embroidered angel cushion from the Peel hospice shop, the old oxfam ragrug, an inherited upcycled lloyd loom chair or artwork done by a friend when she was a student and that’s just a few of the objects/ stories in the bathroom 🙂 best bit is that at one level it all looks very designed/planned but actually it’s 30-40 years of bits that have now all found their home 🙂

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  2. Yes! Well, I actually took these photos as I want to make a little project with them… maybe just a layout, but I do want to document my love of minimalism, which is something I’ve not really talked about before. These things all combine to make us who we are!

    I love the sound of your eclectic collection, manxbanshee… sounds every bit ‘you’ as my strange assortment of lovelies! xxx

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  3. manxbanshee

    I have a series of ‘assemblages’ around the house 🙂 a few years back, the glass fronted book case in our old house was a proper ‘cabinet of curiosities’ with books in the back & all manner of old/ new treasures piled up in front that I kept adding to – a friend who teaches art/ photography at a uni in England took photos of it as an art installation/cabinet 🙂

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  4. Seriously, not a single book? I wish I could be like this but I’m so not. I have too many treasures and not enough willpower to discard the less-treasured! On the scrapbook front though, as I have a very limited budget, I am living on yesterday’s scraps and a minimalist approach would have left me with not much, so small things to be grateful for.
    I can watch and learn!

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  5. I do have my Bible… and of course, my gorgeous Felicity Jane planner 😉

    No, I don’t keep books… ready plenty, but then return them to the library or charity shop.

    One day I aspire to live in a campervan – just me and my little collection of possessions, on the road: cosy ponchos and maybe a scruffy little dog… yes, I want to be *that* woman 😉


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