6 kit design confessions

Bit of a dramatic title, but hey, it got your attention!

Today I wanted to tap out a quick post to share what I’m learning in the process of designing my own little kits…

One: I am enjoying it an awful lot

It’s fun to be learning again and fun to have created myself a little job of sorts.

I don’t always know what I’m doing, but it’s satisfying to be having a go and I’m really proud of myself.

Two: I’ve got to just be me

I’m honestly designing stuff as if it was for me and Kitty alone.

And that is really helpful, as continually watching what everyone else is using out there, can really cause you to flounder and question the style that’s naturally in you.

Three: As much as I enjoy designing, I enjoy scrapbooking *way* more

I’m being very careful that this design thing doesn’t steal all my time so that there’s none left for my true playtime: scrapbooking.

You just can’t beat the joy of hands-on cutting and sticking!

Four: I’m deliberately not over-thinking or over-working anything

Because I just don’t have that many hours in the day!

Sometimes our B-minus efforts are good enough and we can walk away proud that we’re giving our dreams a good bash, while still maintaining a good overall balance to our days.

Five: Keeping the design work a passion project is very liberating

Because my primary goal is to make stuff for me to use, I can design new stuff when I feel like it and just re-print stuff when I don’t.

Not monetising the venture has left plenty of ‘fresh air’ around the thing (I realise that I’m very lucky to be able to keep money out of the equation) as it takes away any sense of pressure or expectation.

Six: although it’s fun, designing is work and it takes time

Sometimes it’s a bit of a motivational challenge to actually get my bum on my chair and get on with my designs, as at the end of the day, it is work!

I’m finding that things seem to take a lot longer than I expect them to, and that in order to retain balance to my weeks, I only really have a handful of hours that I can designate to designing.

Some things have sadly had to fall by the wayside – youtube processes and daily blogging, for example – in order to free up time for what I really want to be focussing on right now: making cute things to play with!

4 thoughts on “6 kit design confessions

  1. Balance is so important – you seem to have nailed the time management aspect of your work/play and it’s refreshing to hear someone who has a different less commercial approach. And I love that 99 flake drawing – a perfectly British embellishment.

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  2. Thank you, lovely!

    Yes, getting things to feel balanced has definitely been a focus for me these past few months.

    And that sometimes means looking at your diary and saying no to perfectly lovely things because every ‘yes’ will mean a ‘no’ to something else.

    For me, it’s remembering that the activities that bring me joy are valid and important… even if they don’t pay or I don’t ‘have’ to be somewhere. I think very often we say yes to others, when we actually need to be saying yes to ourselves and the things that enrich our lives and bring us alive. 🙂


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