Fantasy shopping haul

Yep: still not spending. Happy days! But that doesn’t stop me looking… and salivating… oh, how I’m salivating.

Here’s what I’d be splashing the cash on, if… well, if I wasn’t a penniless minimalist, lol.

These: yes, all of them.

These: yes, all of them.

Ugh, I’d just frame these for my wall.

And these.

And I’d obviously need to throw in a few accessories, just to round out the kit. Ahem.

I’m not even going to add it all up… or perhaps I should: then feel very smug!

9 thoughts on “Fantasy shopping haul

  1. Great idea! I’ve found cutting and pasting – either literally or virtually – can help me get over the desire for a new thing. Or it can do the opposite and keep reminding me of how much I want it, ha ha! xx

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  2. manxbanshee

    This sounds like my wish list on Lush and Amazon – happily sits there for months (if not a year or so) sometime I may buy something 🙂

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