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I heard a podcast the other day that described how many instagrammers – especially fashion influencers – spend an awful lot of money creating their feeds, because they don’t want to be photographed in the same outfit twice.

Apparently there’s been a huge rise in folks ordering items, getting the cute selfie, then returning the clothes straight away.

And while I’m not a fashion babe (in any way shape or form!) I have noticed that my posting has become more of a challenge since I stopped shopping and being on Design Teams.

Here are my tips for finding cute subjects without spending a bean…

Tip one: shop what you already own

We’ve all got some pretty cute stuff already, right? Well, dig those bits out and find fresh ways to get some cute snaps of them.

Tip two: photograph your home (and move stuff around a lot!)

It’s your pad and it makes you happy, so wait for a bright-ish day and experiment by taking loads of snaps from different angles.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always super-interested in having a nosy at other people’s homes: especially their craft spaces!

Tip three: photograph pretty things in shops

Did I buy the roses? Nope. Was I embarrassed snapping away in my local supermarket? Well, maybe a little!

But my goodness, that pink: it needed capturing.

Tip four: photograph anything that screams ‘cute’ to you

I loved this balloon that we strung up at Kitty’s party; another time, I asked my daughter’s bestie if I could photograph her mint green Instax camera.

I’m always snapping away at pretty coloured or retro vehicles in the street… basically, anything that fits my vibe is fair game for a nice pic.

Tip five: look for the beauty in your everyday

You don’t need to give away your family’s sense of privacy to spot little moments of loveliness that will photograph well.

Pets makes great subjects and babies and kids can be photographed carefully – backs of heads, close ups of feet, etc – if you prefer not to show their faces.

Tip six: look for the colour

An item doesn’t need to be expensive or new to be pretty gorgeous if you can stage it nicely.

Fairy lights popped just far enough away to go blurry, always look cute – even behind a £1 tub of wall paint!

Tip seven: mess around with a bit of posing

Yes, you’ll feel stupid at first, but the minute you have a good hair day or feel halfway happy with your outfit, get that camera out: we scrapbookers need all the layout fodder we can find, right?

And – *whispers* – posing away in your kitchen is actually kind of fun.

Tip eight: play around with staging items

It doesn’t need to take very long, but sometimes finding the right plate or table to put your item on can make all the difference.

Think about colours and how you want your feed to look and (for my feed, certainly) always allow as much white in your photos as you can.

Tip nine: create your own content

If you have a favourite quote or your kid’s said something funny, why not make your own image?

It’s really simple: just type into pretty much any programme, then do a screenshot.

Tip ten: get out and about with your camera

This is my best tip and I hope that if I ever influence anyone to do anything, it’s to get outside more.

Sure, we currently live in seaside paradise, but it won’t be forever and I certainly plan to keep filling my feed with outdoor shots of all the places we’ll live in the future.

Getting out into our neighbourhoods is good for us, interesting for folks from other parts of the world and a great reminder that the best things in life really are free!

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