Going light on embellishments

One of my signature styles (if you like), is going very light on embellishments.

Very often my layouts aren’t especially minimal, but when you count them up, there are often very few embellishments.

Let’s have a peek at a few pages…

It sounds a little bonkers, but I like for most of my pages to have a ‘star’ and a few supporting characters.

In this page, the ‘star’ is a single Felicity Jane floral die-cut.

On this page, the star of the show is that central heart/bow/banner creation.

I really enjoy playing with my materials and piecing them together in unusual ways.

When you’re trying to get as many layouts as you can out of a kit, considering every single item as a possible embellishment in the making – branding strips, ribbons, thread, etc – helps your supplies go way further.

In this page for Citrus Twist Kits, I chose the cute wood veneer butterfly as my feature piece.

On this page, a small cluster of gorgeous items create the secondary spot that your eye is drawn to.

I feel it works a little like a rosette on the corner of a winning artwork or a bow on the waistband of a dress!

In my Design Team days, I would tend to ‘talent spot’ my stars as soon as the kit arrived (or even note them on sneaks day!)

I remember seeing this darling rose and knowing that I wouldn’t need very much around it to make a beautiful page.

When you limit yourself to using one or two ‘stars’, your page can end up having a very light and bright result.

It doesn’t mean that the page isn’t fun to make or that you can’t put in lots of work in other ways… it’s more about thinking around all the ways you can add texture and interest to a page that don’t include adding more product: stamping, mixed media, splattering, stitching, layering etc.

8 thoughts on “Going light on embellishments

  1. Suse, can you make an ugly page? I don’t think it’s possible! These are all lovely!

    And may I also say, your daughter is a beautiful little girl! I hope she had an amazing sleep over party!

    We’re snowed in today, 8 inches last night and expecting 8 more before it’s done. I’m looking forward to an entire weekend of pampering myself, slowing down and playing with those other things: stamping, mixed media, splattering!😉

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  2. Utterly delightful to see the pages and then read your thoughts. Sometimes the clustering thing eludes me. You make it look so easy 💜 I understand many aspects of visual design (lots of years of bulletins, pamphlets, webpages…) but scrapbooking has changed so much from the 80s when I started, lol 😂. (All black pages, photo corners, Elmer’s Glue, etc.)

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  3. Aw, thanks friend! Yes, she had a fabulous time, thank you. I had this Mary Poppins idea that they’d get in PJs at 8pm, go up to bed at 9pm and we’d have silence at 10pm.

    Let’s just say that two of those things happened… *yawn*

    Snowed in! Gosh, we have such different weathers: it’s gorgeous sunshine here this evening. But I like the sound of your itinerary very much… I’ll be round in ten 😉

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  4. Maria Bejlegaard

    What wonderful inspiration. It’s so lovely to see how you make so little look so fabulous. I also have to work on a pretty tight budget, so things like this is very useful for me. Thank you.

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