Living small

I don’t know whether it’s because we won’t live in a home of our choosing again or because I’m an aspiring minimalist, but at the moment I’m obsessed by the tiny homes channels on youtube.

I love the idea of living small: of having only those possessions that really bring you joy and being able to make the space entirely your own…

Have a little peek at this beautiful Philippino lady’s tiny house: it’s entirely perfect.

I vote we all visit and enjoy a cup of tea and a brownie or two!

14 thoughts on “Living small

  1. Hubby and I love to watch these shows! But we have agreed that we could not live together in such a tiny space. This would mean having two tiny homes! So maybe a condo or a small home is a better option for us 😊

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  2. manxbanshee

    I’ve just realised a small space would be fine if… 1 whole wall was a bookcase (full of my favourite research books)/ 1 wall was shelving for my arts & crafts material/ 1 wall was covered in old & new artwork ( each frame with 2/3 pictures in it so they could changed in the frames) and final wall = window (desk in front of it), chaise longue (for lying or sitting on), a decent radio, a small bathroom with a long bath, a ‘kitchen’ in a cupboard and location… Covent Garden/ Bloomsbury, central Edinburgh, Venice, Oxbridge college or pretty much any British seaside promenade – other option would be a tiny old cottage by the sea (basically I have aspirations to be Virginia Woolf with an arty ‘room of my own’)

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  3. I have so many friends that would bond with you *so* well, manxbanshee!

    I think the secret to these little homes is having the things you love in them, for sure.

    Mine would be very much like this lady’s… mainly white, with the odd pink plant pot and letter board. I do love her pink hairdryer too… she’s a girl after my own heart, for sure!

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  4. Ha ha! You could have two joined together somehow… πŸ˜‰

    Yes, these little places don’t really take into account huge Lego collections or ugly guitar amps (my fam may need their own tiny houses too!)

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  5. manxbanshee

    There may be a 4th camp – goth/ Gothic – which I just decided to google & found so much ‘pretty stuff’ on pinterest/ etsy etc but sadly no hares – now I’ve googled hares & found more stuff I like – time to get out the journal and play πŸ™‚

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  6. Ah: now I’m reconsidering my blog post idea… I know next to nothing about Goth culture when it comes to scrapbooking. I wonder if those would be the steam-punk type pages? (see? Already betraying how little I know)

    You do so love your hares! xxx

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  7. manxbanshee

    When I checked online I found goth (all dark & Adams family-style/Tim Burton), there was also steam punk and a Gothic/ Vintage style as well – all of which I liked and but the great discovery was ‘(vintage) Junk Journalling’ – basically how I used to decorate one wall of my room at college (a ‘wall collage’ of old/new postcards, posters, ephemera & vintage prints & engraving) πŸ™‚ now I’ve got some ideas

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  8. manxbanshee

    Not pasted – blutak πŸ™‚ (a lot of blutak…) and rearranged every 2-3 weeks – my own personal ‘art’ wall – depending on my mood was what got on the wall & how prominent it was πŸ™‚ tempted to try it again at home (actually get to do it at work πŸ™‚

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