When not to create

But it’s expressive and therapeutic, right? Surely it’s always a good time to get creative and share the results?

Possibly not so much.

Here are some warning signs that I need to step away from my craft table…

When I think I need new stuff in order to impress

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve added Heidi’s Color Fresh papers to my online basket, then deleted them again.

The thing is, I have enough supplies to create with and don’t need more.

What seduces, however, are the thoughts of the likes those pages might bring in: never a healthy reason to create.

When I need reassurance that I’m okay at this

When my layout creation becomes just another way for this good girl to get to the top of the class and receive a pat on the head, I need to re-evaluate my motives.

If my whole sense of feeling valuable rests on the work I make… well, I may have a bit of a problem.

When I feel unseen

If permanently deleting my facebook account felt like losing my voice, then taking that long break from Instagram felt like throwing a sheet over the visuals.

And I have to admit that I’m *loving* being able to share my life again.

But when I’m sharing to fill a space within me? That’s when I need to pause in my picture uploading.

When I’m creating in order to share

It’s always a terrible idea and is the biggest creativity killer out there, but I think we’ve all been there: we know which images will bring in the love and so create something that fits that brief.

But I need to be sharing authentically: not to prove myself, not to grow my following and certainly not with some vague intention of getting noticed (by whom, exactly?)

Our sharing of ourselves and our work needs to come from a place of genuine joy: the enjoyment of this gift of life and the sheer bliss of getting lost in this delightful craft.

When I’m really not in the mood

Forcing myself to make something because I feel that I ought to is usually a really bad idea for me: the process always feels clunky and lacking in joy.

It’s really best left until I’m itching to get going again (and I do always reach that point within a few days of ‘scrap cold-turkey’!)

Life has it’s rhythms: we need ‘on’ times and ‘off’ times; there are times to make and times to rest.

We need to listen to ourselves and respect what we actually require to thrive in each moment.