The thing is, what’s not there is every bit as important as what is: in scrapbooking and life more generally.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve been having about the importance of whitespace in my life right now…

At faithscrappers today, I tried working in a new format: a 6×8 album instead of in the margins of a journalling Bible.

It felt like a completely different activity, even though I was still just responding to the text and I adore the airier result.

I’ve done a bit of de-cluttering around the house too; not that we had masses of stuff to begin with, but things do creep in, don’t they?

It felt good to buy a can of white paint and freshen up some of our wooden furniture too.

And mentally, I’m finding I need my whitespace more than ever: that hour’s walk each morning has become a non-negotiable, so much difference does it make to my sense of well-being.

Sometimes we just need to switch all the noise off and be reminded of the larger circle of life going on all around us.

Getting up an hour earlier than we need to be getting dressed is a great whitespace maker for both Kitts and I.

I sit quietly and look at the garden and just let my mind wander. It’s good for me to read a chunk of my Bible and give the day to God.

It’s a nice centring time.

I’ve been intentional in not shopping so far this year… other than for essentials. And that’s not been easy: because sometimes the whitespace really feels like it needs filling (with lovely scrapbooking goodies, of course!)

But it doesn’t need filling: it just needs getting used to.

And I’m learning to ‘hold the space’ as it were, however uncomfortable that may feel.

And I’m trying to allow more whitespace in the area of social media too. A picture or two a day on Instagram, one or two blog posts a week and then on with my day.

Again: not easy, but leaving that i-pad in the cupboard until evening really allows another chunk of air to circulate through my day.

How about you? How do you make room for whitespace in your day?

14 thoughts on “Whitespace

  1. I think ‘intentional’ is the key word to this in my life. It’s so easy to fritter time doing something meaningless. I have my Sacred Space book to do a daily Lectio Divina in the gospels but I haven’t got much farther than that. Much to learn from in your post. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. venessaollie

    It is so where I’m at… Getting used to less, especially shopping, using what you have, and making it work. Staying close to God and His Word and documenting special moments.
    Blessings for you.

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  3. Storing tablet in a cupboard seems such a good idea! it makes it just one of the things we have in house and not something that rules our day!
    For me white space would be anything off-screen and off-line – like a fitness class, a book in bed or a cup of coffee and a bench in the prak (in better weather, of course). I think we all need more of white space in this digital era. (Love your shoes:)

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  4. Yes, it does interest me the way that craving whitespace in our lives has really become a thing… I think it’s an indication that we all have so much on our plates each day.

    I heard a podcast the other day where the lady said that we each have our own hula-hoop and everything within that hoop is our concern… that we far too often take on the concerns of others that aren’t actually within our hoop.

    I think we have so many more worries with social media as to how we’re appearing to others – and what others are thinking is really not our concern… we just have to be us and look after the worlds within our hoops 🙂 xx



  5. Susan Brochu

    I’ve been feeling the need to lighten things up over the last few weeks and I’ve been making more space in our home by donating items we don’t use to our local goodwill and the library. It’s so nice to open a cabinet or cupboard and see everything neatly organized with room to spare!

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  6. Ooh, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of satisfaction, is there?

    I had a similar experience when I mowed our lawn for the first time after the winter the other day… I kept staring at it how neat it looked! Gosh, I’m getting old… 😉


  7. Oh your morning walks seem so lovely! I do wish I could go outside for a nice peaceful walk. It’s quite hard in this city that is rarely ever quiet or peaceful and never sleeps lol!

    But I do tend to do a lot of decluttering. I like the feeling of getting rid of old things to create space. I feel like I tend to accumulate a lot of stuff rather quickly, so I periodically declutter to keep myelf from drowning in all the things. I’ve been trying very hard at the no-spend this year too. I’ve been working with what I already have and it’s been nice not adding to all the stuff. My wallet is especially happy too. So far we’re doing good!

    On a completely unrelated note, I stumbled upon this IG account the other day while searching for something completely different on Tumblr, and it reminded me of you. This Barbie is living her best life: https://www.instagram.com/corimoonchild 😀

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  8. Gosh, yes, I do remember what that’s like from my London years… but I guess there are positives to the exciting vibe of all that culture and activity too!

    Ooh, must go check out the Barbie account… thanks Tiffany! xxx


  9. Beautiful photos as always and a super post about finding whitespace, it’s such a tough thing to do but it sounds like you’re really nailing it!

    One of my favourite whitespace things to do is on Thursdays I get to work an hour earlier than I need to and I grab a coffee and walk along the Thames. There’s a sneaky little spot that tourists haven’t really found where I can enjoy my drink, look at Tower Bridge and zone out… it’s marvellous and always sets me up for the day, especially if I’m listening to something great on my headphones 🙂


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  10. Maria Bejlegaard

    I really do try to make time for white space in my life. I really need it! But it is often not possible for me. Usually my white space is spending time outside with our dogs. I just love that. They help me be grounded and stay in the moment. I hope to find the time again soon.
    Luckily I can sometimes find 10 minuts here and there for some scrapbooking, and that makes me relax, I love that!
    I do pottery, but havent had time to go in my pottery room since before christmas. I am hoping to make time this weekend, and I am really looking forward to it. That is for me some of the benefit of not always having the time. I really appreciate it, when I can.

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  11. Wow, pottery! That sounds fantastic and a lovely, creative way to unwind.

    Yes, it can be tricky to find the time, can’t it? I rather wish we’d got a dog when we moved here… as much as I love the cats, I think it would be lovely to have a little buddy to walk – the scenery here is just made for dog walkers! xxx


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