The joy of a reset

I spent my Friday night gleefully bathing my rubber stamps in soapy water.

That sentence tells you all you need to know about me.

There’s something very satisfying on a soul level of having only the things you really cherish and making time to look after them.

Kitts and I swapped desks yesterday too.

I love nothing more than changing things up and I’d been wistful for the simple airiness of my Ikea table for some time.

What makes me inordinately happy is to have only what I need and be able to see it all.

Having it all out, looking so temptingly pretty (yes, I’m the kind of girl tempted by white pencils) makes me feel desperate to sit at my desk and get stuck in… to sticking.

My need to purge my craft space every now and then, feels like a snake shedding it’s skin: one thing is finished and a new path beckons.

I’ve been wanting to tidy things up – scrap-wise – for ages.

Of course, I’ll still do the splashy, mixed media stuff from time to time, but what my soul yearns for right now, is time to sit quietly and make slow, measured choices.

I wonder if mindful scrapbooking is a thing?

I don’t really want to spend time journalling about what we did or go into great details about what’s going on.

I just want to get to the heart of the core things: the truths, the joys… the things that feel like they’re of depth.

No more obsessing over product and no more salivating over what others’ have that I don’t.

Okay, well – maybe a little less of that!

Right now, it feels like the time for me to create my own printables, then nestle right down and make time to (scrappily) reflect: bliss!

4 thoughts on “The joy of a reset

  1. Beth Ryburn Whitlow

    I will miss your YouTube presence if you step away, but I hope you will keep your existing videos available so we can get a Suse-fix! I know I don’t comment normally, but I wanted you to know I love seeing your work and hearing / reading your commentary on life. You are always a joy and a little calm respite when I visit your blog or YT channel. You should absolutely do what is best for you moving forward.😊💕

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  2. Ali Moore

    Checking in on you each morning while I enjoy a cup of coffee is such a joyful routine. Your photos, your words and your spirit that is conveyed in each is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with us…

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