Scraptherapy | getting started

Looking for a way to get a little bit creative each day and get some stuff off your chest? Scraptherapy could be just the thing.

It’s simple and thrifty, and you end up with a book that’s really rather lovely.

Here’s how to get started and what you’ll need…

I devised scraptherapy because I was skint and struggling. Seriously!

I needed a thrifty way to create a little something every single day, and also needed to get my thoughts down on paper.

Let’s kick off by talking about some of the (very basic) supplies you will need to make your own kit…

One: papers and binder rings

I buy A5 pads of cartridge paper from WHSmith and, more recently, plain planner pages from Kikki K.

You can easily track down binder rings on eBay.

Two: a stack of photos

I love taking photos and carry my camera with me in my bag most of the time.

I use the freeprints app to get 45 free prints a month; you just pay £3.99 postage.

Three: papers, stickers and die-cuts

Use whatever you have in your stash or find plenty of printables at pocket money prices in my Etsy shop.

Just pop on your favourite film while you snip them out!

Four: basic craft supplies

You will need a nice pen (I like these from Muji), a glue stick, an ink pad, some washi tape and a few basic stamps.

My favourites (and the only ones I ever use) are the Essentials mini stamp sets from Felicity Jane.

You might like to set up a small table in a corner where you can work whenever you have a few moments to spare.

I have a homemade desk, but I also love this basic white table from Ikea.

It’s very much up to you how much you create each day.

Your pages can be very simple…

… or you can spend a little more time and make something that looks more like a mini layout.

I’ve recently switched to working in a planner.

Each day, I fill that day’s section of the diary page.

And if I skip a day, I just use a bigger photo the next day!

You might like to list the good things that have happened today.

Or you might like to write about a particular situation that is troubling you.

Some days, it’s nice just to pop in a meaningful quote or a kind word that a friend said to you.

Most importantly, scraptherapy is about making time to care for you. 

We all function better when we’ve made time for ourselves. Scraptherapy is about recognising that we are worthy of the gift of time spent on an activity that is genuinely calming and restorative.

For me, it’s my time to unpick how I’m feeling, then glue myself back together – one paper scrap at a time.

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  1. Tina Dudelson

    Your planner looks amazing; love the tiny layouts! Oh and thanks for the link to the Muji store. I have one with blue ink and have been looking for a black one but haven’t had much luck. Never thought to check out Muji directly (duh).

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