Black & white flowers

I have too many ideas for things I want to design… what a lovely problem to have though, eh?

But here’s the first of one of those mini-ideas: some black and white florals to fussy-cut that frame your photo effortlessly.

I actually printed mine out using our crummy laser printer on to normal paper… I think ideally, you’d use some sort of cardstock and a decent ink-jet printer.

But they still did the job and helped me get down the idea that was in my head.

I had a yearning for some proper splashy black splatters, you see.

Suse-Blue is all very lovely, but sometimes you just want the satisfaction of seeing black paint go everywhere!

I’m aware that all my pages are all very much going down the ‘explosion in the Haribo factory’ route, but I’m quite happy with that.

I slung down the paint just before leaving for lunch out with the Rev.

We actually go out for lunch every Thursday, so felt a bit of a cliche today when the teashop was filled with couples sitting under love-heart garlands!

Anyway: before I go, I must share a daft comedy sketch with you that I always think of when I use black paint like this…

18 thoughts on “Black & white flowers

  1. Yay! Black and white flowers! Can’t wait!!!

    As for the skit, I love British comedy but, at this point, I’m wondering if all British people are a little bit cray cray… LOL (said jokingly with love, of course!)

    Tina J.

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  2. Ha ha, yes: I think our sense of humour is definitely unique!

    The flowers are in the shop… I’m hoping to add other varieties of flowers as outlines, as well as some leaves for autumn… feathers and hearts might be cute too πŸ™‚ xx

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  3. Is it fun to think of people all over the world buying your designs and printing them out to play with? I think it’s a miracle that you could design something and then I, in the middle of nowhere USA can have it the same day. Just awesome.

    Tina J.

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  4. Haha, amazing! I *love* that sketch from the Fast Show – it’s so funny! πŸ˜€

    Those black and white flowers are very pretty too and really frame your photo.

    You go Jackson Pollock on your paper – don’t let anyone stop you – haha


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  5. You’re too sweet, Tina.

    I wish I had the time to get burned out actually… I’ve re-addressed my former lack of getting outside and socialising to the extent that I now don’t really have enough work time for my liking! πŸ˜‰

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  6. Oh yes, I’m a scrappy Brit.

    Haha, going Jackson Pollock should deffo be a scrapbooking term!

    My husband always laughs at me when I’m in the garden spray painting my 12x12s – he shouts “Oi Banksy” out the window at me – haha

    Makers gonna make, am I right


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  7. Ah I love it when you create layouts like this with the black paint! Makes me want to pull out some black paint and give it a go, but then I’m all “but. it’s. so. dark.” I’m okay with black splatters but am very intimidated by taking a large brush of black paint across the page! You do this so well!!

    And that skit was gold! I will agree, you Brits were blessed with a unique sense of humor! I think we Americans are a bit too stuffy and get easily offended…we’re not as funny XD

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  8. Ah, thanks Tiffany! Yes, I do love that black paint look πŸ˜‰ It feels somehow wrong to be so crazy right at the start, but if I reign it in from that point on, it often turns out quite nicely

    It’s when I stay crazy that it all goes wrong… πŸ˜‰


  9. Haha, thank you πŸ™‚

    It’s just freestyle really, I’ve only been scrapping since August last year so everything is new to me – I’m learning as I go and I’ve only put a few bits up on my blog and instagram, but I’ve linked to one – – this was a bit more of a light spray but it has a nice effect (photo quality isn’t great but you get the idea). I’ve also used it very close to the paper before so you get a solid black circle with some run-off – that looks really neat and makes a border of sorts if you add your photo/embellishments on top. I’ve used turquoise on a few others too as it’s a bit more subtle – it’s a bit hard to control the level of paint so there have been a few saturated 12x12s – haha


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  10. Yes to the black and white florals! I can imagine them like you used here AND I could color them in so many different ways…. paint, watercolor, crayons, color pencils. Definitely a good idea and a very versatile product to have as a printable!

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