3 tips for Instagram intentionality

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with Instagram.

Here are my top three tips for keeping it ultra-intentional…

One: Pick your palette

The feeds I enjoy looking at the most are the pretty, inspiring ones.

I think Instagram can be more that a simple snapshot of your life and can become a beautiful piece of art in itself.

If this is the vibe you’re going for, think about your feed as you would plan a patchwork quilt: consider the colours in your photos and how each picture relates to the squares around it.

Two: Play the stylist – then keep it real

My aim for my feed has always been to alternate my scrapbooking work with glimpses of my everyday life.

Sure, you may lose a few followers that way, but if they didn’t dig you as a complete package, perhaps they weren’t ones you wanted anyway.

Showing up like this helps me to appreciate the everyday beauty around me and helps me to make peace with my right now – however that looks.

Yes, it’s super fun to stage photos and make sure everything’s looking immaculate, but it’s also good to photograph the ‘beautiful messes’ every now and then.

3. Pop on your photo, then enjoy your day

I’m deliberately not following anyone other than a handful of scrapbooking companies, as I know what a distracting pull Instagram can be for me.

That’s not to say I don’t check in on friends’ feeds from time to time – oh, I’m having a sneaky-sneak! – but I make sure it’s an intentional move on my part and not a knee-jerk response to needing some distraction or comfort.

What’s working for me is planning ahead by staging and editing my photos as I spot cute things during my day, then picking one photo to add to my feed each day. Not terribly ‘insta,’ but hey.

Then it’s on with my day and I’ll check back in online only when it’s time for a planned break.

What are your tips for intentionality around social media? I’d love if you shared them!

4 thoughts on “3 tips for Instagram intentionality

  1. I love tip #2. It’s something I want to try to be more mindful of with my feed. It’s just so easy to share all of the crafty projects, but I’d like to find that balance with the everyday added in too. I feel like I need to find the beauty of NYC first though, cause it’s honestly a real ugly city in terms of my colors and theme 😂

    And I schedule my photos to go up with the Planoly app, so some days I don’t even touch the IG app. You need to switch to a business account to use the auto-post feature (and you only get 30 uploads a month through Planoly) but it’s nice to sit down one day and schedule out my posts for a week and not have to think about actually going onto IG that entire week. Cause I think we all can get wrapped up in that need to post something everyday too (at least I know I do). Scheduling my posts this way helps me fight the urge.

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  2. Gosh, you are so inspiring Tiffany! I can’t think of many lasses your age who would deliberately avoid Instagram like that. Seriously impressed… I need to learn from you!

    We visited New York for a fortnight on an art college trip. I’ve never been so terrified in my life, ha ha!

    What I did love was trying to visit every retro diner I could possibly find… my favourite was one called ‘The Good Diner’ – it had a logo of a coffee cup with a halo over it: beautiful design.

    I wonder if you could get in close and photograph little details of things you spot?

    I like getting shots of drainpipes that are painted a nice colour or walls with peeling paint. I took a shot of a handrail covered in rust the other day which was actually really beautiful. xx


  3. I’m an odd one when it comes to social media. I only keep Facebook and IG on my phone and I’m SO CLOSE to deleting FB because I barely use it. With IG I can fall into the comparison trap when I feel low, so I try to be mindful of not spending too much time on it. I’ve gotten quite good at not feeling I need to post something everyday…because sometimes I don’t have much to share! But I do love scheduling my posts. It’s so convenient. Youtube is my real problem. I can spend hours there…XD

    I have to be mindful of bringing my camera along with me whenever I leave the house. I rarely go out anywhere because all the people and noise overwhelm me. The city has definitely changed a lot! It’s a lot less scary but it’s definitely overcrowded. There’s just people everywhere! But I think just getting use to taking photos is a habit I need to create.

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  4. Yes, I’ve not really missed facebook since ditching it ages ago… my feed seemed to stop being people’s real life updates and photos and became a long list of cartoons and youtube clips.

    The comparison trap thing is real for all of us, I think…

    But I like to remind myself that as with any art, there are different flavours and styles and they can all be legitimately good, even when they are very different.

    I’m not great at city living… I did enjoy London very much for the years I lived there, but as I’ve got older, I’ve appreciated a quieter life more and more.

    This island is perfect for me, as there are just so few people living here! Lots of seagulls, mind you 😉

    I’m not sure where I want my youtube channel to go now. I reach this point every now and then, wonder why I’m putting so much work into it and what I’m trying to achieve. I think it makes a lot of sense for gals who are hoping to make (or stay on) Design Teams though 🙂 xxx


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