Organising supplies

It’s ever so much easier to slot little scrappy sessions into your day if everything is handy and ready to go… here’s how I’ve got my scraptherapy supplies organised.

I bought this ceramic snack holder from TKMaxx a few years ago: spot the chip on the side!

It has gently rounded edges which makes it really good for holding cut-aparts – you can rifle through and pull them out them easily.

I divide my printables into five categories: florals, black and white labels, coloured small bits, titles and larger images.

This ‘coloured small bits’ section is the one I dive into the most often, as these pretty little bits are often just the thing for adding a tiny pop of colour to a page.

I keep all of my papers and scraps in this A4 plastic tray.

I quite enjoy rifling through it to see which patterns and colours grab me… very often, it’s the exact same ones!

I’m storing my journalling cards in this little tin, along with any letter stickers and my photos.

I keep my ring of washi and other basic tools handy, so that they’re easy to find.

With this basic kit, I can settle down to some scraptherapy during any free moment!

7 thoughts on “Organising supplies

  1. Ginny Callahan

    Do you print multiples of your kits each month? I was just wondering how you seem to get so much scrapping accomplished each month now that you are mainly using only your own product.

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  2. Great question, Ginny! I’m actually only using my own product now… it’s my challenge for this year. 😉

    I’ve only printed out one of each of the colour items so far… the black and whites I can do at home, so I’ve done multiples of those (I need me those spots!)

    I think I’ll be okay with just one copy of each of the colour pages though… especially now I’ve switched my scraptherapy book to a smaller planner format 🙂 xx


  3. Susan Brochu

    Your storage supplies are as lovely as their contents! Having things close and in such fun containers definitely enhances my creative experience – I’ve got a lovely little bowl (in Suse blue) that always holds all my favorites while I work!

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  4. Ooh, now I’m envious of a bowl I’ve not even seen, ha ha. But yes, doesn’t having things out and looking pretty just make you want to get stuck in?

    Although that’s often my problem: I feel that pull to sit and make instead of doing the household stuff I ought to be doing first 😉 xx


  5. Ahh I’m always a little envious of your minimalist approach to scrapbooking! Lovely small stash! I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in my moderate stash that I’ve made it a goal to not buy any product this year too. I feel like I have enough to scrap with until 2025! The FOMO is too real though that I compromise with buying a few digitals here and there, since it’s more cost affective and I can put my little Silhouette Portrait to good use. (Plus I can never pass up on your kits!) xx

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  6. Well, I was actually salivating over your stash in your latest Disney video!

    That gorgeous pile of beautifully co-ordinated goodies… I think I spotted some white Wilna cut files in there too: gorgeous!


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